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Online: A Crowded Apocalypse

Conspiracy theories are, by their definition, neither ultimately refutable or acceptable. In order to hold true, they rely on the acceptance that the full evidence is not reachable. They are based on a shared belief: the idea that each one of us is an unaware piece in a mysterious master plan. Crowdsourcing, instead, makes this more transparent. Each user contributes to the creation of something which is bigger than the sum of each singular production. The final plan remains unknown, but it is actively produced by a large crowd.

John Klima works - feature

My 1st favourite this year of Siggraph 07 is John, I know John since 1999 when he first time submitted his work to vrml-art now called web3dart2000 and web3dart1999 .

Tactical Sound Garden

Tactical Sound Garden [ TSG ] Toolkit

Given the ubiquity of mobile devices and wireless networks, and their proliferation throughout increasingly diverse and sometimes unexpected urban sites, what opportunities - and dilemmas - emerge for the design of public space in contemporary cities?

Watercouleur Park

Yesterday I came across Watercouleur Park, a new work by French artists group Qubo Gas, - the 11th commission by Tate for its Net Art Programme.


Please take a look at my latest project: the wreckers

The wreckers is an online tool which generates a collaborative networked illustration on a specific issue - the recent story of the looting of goods washed ashore from the grounded container ship MSC Napoli on the Devonshire coast.

Volume at Victoria Albert Museum

The V&A and PlayStation present Volume

The piece is a collaboration between design collective United Visual Artists and Robert Del Naja (aka 3D) of Massive Attack and his co-writer Neil Davidge. Behind is Sony’s new strategy to sponsor and be affiliated with main stream art, experimental design.

Can Your Toes Hear?

I have recently visited the Sonic Bed_London exhibition at the RichMix in East London.

At first I was surprised. What I was looking at resembled a giant wooden speaker laid on the back with mounted mattresses and cushions on it. Next to the wooden stairs that lead into the box was a decoratively written label saying "Please remove your shoes."

Frieze Art - Fair Legs

Cost me an arm and a leg, fused legs, open/uncross your legs, to run the legs off , something. Whether a two-legged type is a local or visitor doesn't , hind leg, to be on one's last legs, to talk the hind leg off a donkey, short-legged, leg. cit., on the, final leg of the tour. Very legs, three-legged stool, I suspect Ally McBeal is pulling our legs, leg dress, base leg, leg up on its peers, downwind leg, main leg, common, shake a leg! My legs disappeared.

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