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Why am I doing this blog?

I feel large corporations should be held under more public scrutiny and supermarkets are not given enough attention in mass media.

Electronic media has the potential to hold these large corporations to account, in way that mainstream media doesn’t always achieve. Blogs can focus on special issues in ways that newspapers can’t afford.

I want this blog to present the bigger picture of what Tescos are doing, and their effects on our society.

What have I got against Tesco?

I am alarmed by Tesco’s recent annual profit announcements: more than £2 billion, and a 29% share of the UK food market.

Tesco blog goes pop

The band Radiohead have linked to the Supermarket-sweep-up website, and the number of hits have increased dramatically. Amazing the power of one good link. What's especially nice is that Radiohead update their website themselves, so they've picked it out personally. http://www.supermarket-sweep-up.com

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