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The three days festival was a "melting pot" for people with all sorts of expertise.
From people that know nothing about this exciting field of new media. To students that are keen on taking part in this "revolution". To artists and experts that made Open Source their way of living.
Which made it the ideal place for me to exhibit my work, and do some research for my project.
dpi - Digital Palestine Israel, is a work in progress, and the festival gave me an opportunity to receive some very helpful and constructive criticism.

E:vent Gallery / Evolving Sonic Environments

A weird feeling created by high frequency sound, combined with all this Pink light.

Some photos from " E:vent " Gallery for you

by Nako

Andy Deck @ http://

On the way to HTTP Gallery I started to fear that I have been given the wrong URL.
Located at Unit A2, Arena Business Centre, 71 Ashfield Rd, N4 1NY.

For those of you that didn't get to see Andy Deck at the Dana Center, there is an exhibition of is work going on at HTTP Gallery.
The opening on the 9th was another great chance to meet the artist and have a friendly chat.

Open to all - Get into the Net-Art / Andy Deck

Is net art dead? That was the suggestion of one of the questions addressed to Andy. His answer was that if it was dead his death is a very slow one.

I regard the assumption that Nat Art is dead as funny at most. Probably suggested by people that are afraid to be left behind when seeing the shift of art presenting space from museums and galleries into the living rooms and offices.

Digital Reality Fly Through

“Digital reality fly through” Was indeed a fly through. The speakers rotated throw the tables, in order to engage in conversation. The short time established for these conversations proved it self to be too short. By the time the talk became interesting the speakers were asked to move to another table.

In the short time attempt to crate some kind of debate, about virtual reality environments and the attempt to make them as real as possible. Looking for ways to create characters as human as possible. Some questions did rise.

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