Contributing to a case larger than yourself.

Woman and girls aren't the problem, they are the solution, solution related to climate change, the finance sector,... the politics (exception is Andrea Merkel). Oh no sorry mistake, not in politics in politics most females I know, are acting as man do and "gendering".

Back to the first sentence: This argument is valid to both sides of the planet the so called 3rd world and to the 1st world. Why woman and girls have less value in the 3rd world we know by now. In the 1st world why the role of woman and girl's is as it is, we also know.

Here I found an example of a woman who in my opinion takes here agenda up and challenges the society within here bio and context. Many woman have lost there identity in the western world. The role related to herself, husband, child, family, work and society, does not work anymore in the same way as imagined. The society today is formatted in an individual war modus, competing with the competitor, mainly disadvantaging woman and girls. Hardly woman and girls can achieve a self fulfilling carrier without sacrifice this or the other, from the female values and roles.

The "human" left alone, than society creates "the gender", the gender is not the girl or woman, it is "the gender". The one gender can drive cars, go to election, to school, get education, work and even become a soldier as the other gender. Oh, what an achievement females in the ARMY. The other gender can stay at home, cook, take care of kids and so on. Than one gender is looking for more in live, more than fashion, cosmetics, beauty and live style, means more than making money and pay the bills as primary goal in life and confusion starts.

Often I run into the other gender, discovering that actually I am the wrong gender, and if the other gender is hierarchically positioned in middle management, I have two choices. 1st, can I serve the cause as subordinate of the other gender, or 2nd does the other gender need my expertise for climbing higher on here carrier ladder. Being in this situation several times, particularly in the culture business, where the middle management is more and more dominated by the other gender. Than finally when one gender progresses biting downwards, the other gender gets the accumulated frustration back from climbing up the carrier ladder.

Here Sheryl WuDunn shows a way out of the dilemma, she takes up here domain, here gender and builds a case around which motivates here and makes other understand where the dog is barred (wo der Hund begraben ist), we say in German. I think the world would look and feel different, if more woman and girls would embark to tackle rather the living side of the world than the dead side.

I was ones discussing with a micro-finance manager about distributing money. She said they work only with woman because man would spend most in gambling, alcohol, drugs and prostitution. You can say, it is the age of the female, but females should try, not to repeat the same patterns as man did. How? Just do not sign up to become a "soldier", or to decide out of opposition to the society and establishment, to do now that what "makes sense". Both acts are coming out of resignation. Like "my live makes no sense without a child". Remember there is need of every female out there, which understands, "contributing to a case larger than herself".

Why I am saying this is, because for many reasons woman often retreated in to the private position, as example like Eva Braun did or like Madonna, being here own Führer, yes it is everyones private choice. But related to our todays society, you will soon feel this is not enough, because expressed in McLuhan's words, "they take care that you are informed" in an constant stream of information (now the cloud can follow you).

A lot written here, has double meaning, like of course female contributing to live by giving birth, man and woman sacrifice if they climb the carrier ladder. Man resign too, by making a carrier and stay conform to the institution as the institution asks for. I wonder what you think?

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