DIY is an universal appliance

A start for an discourse about broadcasting. We have to reflect the current socio-political and cultural status of the world. This is a very interesting time in which we are living in. The values of the industry and business community, followed the politicians into corruption, bankruptcy and is now finally as well braking apart. The clerical system was leading the outdating process and is just surviving because of the serfdom to state and the state of fear.

So the value systems of so called societies are again in question. Basically we have everywhere a one party system, in China its an official one party system in the west its a pseudo democratic choice, basically its also a one party system, because there is no real alternative which could be elected. The west system rejected for log time any re evaluation, re orientation or progress of his basic values. Its good to have election, but what we elect is to old and already corrupt. On the other hand, it is not for sure that liberalisation and equal rights and equal distribution of wealth will be the right choice.

But these question are now discussed on all "stammtischen - regulars table in pubs" in this world. People are starting again to discuss something else than there own beauty, wellness or the next car, TV or fridge to buy. They are discussing about what is currently going on, why are banks allowed to have debt an we not, why businesses who stick to the "senseless production" should be allowed to go on. The normal people are feeling the danger of collapse, and most they fearing is a political collapse, because of the possible return of dictatorship. In my view the political system is the first one which needs to be cleaned, as the political system fears most the voice of the masses, TV is still a potential vehicle. Internet brought partly transparency and dissemination of knowledge. But internet is a quiet and hidden medium and TV is a loud and visible medium.

Both platforms can now be used to facilitate the public values, the public voice, the public mind into the foreground so it is obvious and is heard. The danger today is that the political and business community will strike a deal which is again just a compromise. The politicians have fear not to be re-elected and the business people have fear that no one will buy in, into the consume addiction, the churches will be quiet because they want people under fear. There is no political or business power-base which could lead, the normal people need to be empowered to participate in a collective thinking process. This process if its obvious and visible will force the current establishment to rethink, redo and empower them to follow and innovate in all the areas which are on a bring to collapse. The tax system, the banking system, the industry production, the energy resources, the transport system, food production and food distribution, the entertainment, the copyright, the understanding of one self surrounded by many, and so on.

We will have no instant answers or solutions to this all, but again we can facilitate so that potential answers, proposals can get a wider audience reaches the "stammtischen - regulars table in pubs". What is the sense of TV now? To entertain till the collapse is perfect, to report about the downsides and catastrophes this status brings? No, TV can actively take part. People want to be informed what to do better and how. There was never a win win situation, this was just a fake propaganda gimmick, even business people by now understand. So to conclude what we have is the return of the big insecurity, nothing will be as it was projected and propagated by media, industry, politics or religions interest groups, the big safety net and security of cosiness, which went so far as, that young white cats in west households hat branded and packaged deluxe food, for sure delicious, and on the other side of the planet people are starving to dead. This is definitely to much. The whole chain of involved in this example needs to go in rehab and this is just the obvious and not the hidden one. TV can also disseminate so that as much as people know that there is a common sense for the current situation we are in. It is very important to take away the fear, the fear of people which are not informed which are not knowing that others face the same. That the current situation is the one we have to get familiar with. The glossy life so long propagated and marketed is no more the goal for many and is also not the healthy example to reach for. We have to accept that the food for the clean young white western deluxe cat was just fake and build by morbidity and suffering of others. We cannot go back and close the thick wooden door behind us, equipped just with a tiny door viewer for looking outside, now its time for a collective, participative collaboration, on divers and individual levels. TV is just one of it, but TV can connect as other media can. What the ideal state of the common sense could be is, that everyone decides for him and herself where to begin and what to do in this multiversum of forms and factors. Important is that people do not lose faith in them selves in their ability and turn back to the errors of the past (dictatorship-terrorism-secterianism).

In a more populist understanding we became gods, so we need to take the thinks in our own hands, there will no one come down to earth and fix the mess for us. The DIY is an universal appliance.

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