Dont save "A POUND"

I have been to the ICA exhibition today "Touching the invisible" from Interactive institute (Sweden), I quite like their works "Brainball", and "Brainbar".

Brainbar is a mechanical bar which mixes drinks adapted to the visitors brainwaves. I got the vodka with apple juice..haha..taste bad really. I was relaxed, so got a nice drink, otherwise would get the blue toilet liquid!! Brainball is two-player game where the goal is to be considerably more relaxed than the opponent.

The exhibition also includes other work: remotehome, delay mirror, monochromeye and hell hunt. Dont forget also see work by Daniel Brown, Ben Fry when you pass the digital studio (Processing works to capture your live drawing from paper to computer via two webcams)

I think you should go there, have a look or touch, just spend "A POUND" for entrance fee with a student card.

Date: 19 May - 2 June 2005
12:00-7:30pm daily
ICA -Theater

exhibition researcher

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