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Read here in German Alles Schall und Rauch.
In every good story sex is involved, even when the whole and overall situation for Julian Assange is very grim, sad and scary, this story has all potential features to obtain an remake at some Hollywood studios. Than the normal way is, if Assage dos not die, Hollywood pays Assange for copyrights a ransom. If Assage dies copyright is free? Ok if he survives Assange retires somewhere in Barbados. I personally do not like Hollywood, there I share Jean Luc Godard's views on this mafia. A other angel to this affair is the "girlie gate - the surwife of Assage", it seams that a lot of females are now involved in the imprisonment of Mr. Assage and the whole mutates into a gender revenge game - PayBack. One man, he has sex with 2 girls Anna Ardin blog and Sofia, same time, Hillary lost the uphill battle against this man, miss Swedish prosecutor is inspired by vodka soaked Wikingers, man are only interested in sex and alcohol, Sarah Pallin sells her fake innocents, but basically hates good old John McCain. This is a dangerous mix, a bio bomb, potentially some one in this story will freak out and kill.

Ardin says about her self: is a political scientist, communicator, entrepreneur and freelance writer with profound knowledge in faith & politics, equality, feminism and Latin America. She specializes in combining politics with humor and wits. We likes. Anna Ardin twitpic, Anna Ardin flicker, Anna Ardin Facebook, Anna Ardin twitter.

Sex affaires brought almost Mr. Bill down, does now Ms. Clinton as secretary of State use the same old dirty trick? Who send Monica to freelance? The same mafia which rules Holywood? On the end we will discover, that just a poor young girl, disappointed by a carrier thirsty hacker, but superstar, was fed up sleeping on IKEA mattresses. She wanted more diamonds "the girls best friends" and finally come out of the rat race. Who paid here, on which payroll is she? This are the interesting question, who discovered here, the poor vulnerable girl, ready so sacrifice. Some say she is now in hiding in Israel.

I have written today to the Nobel committee and asked that WikiLeaks / Assange are awarded with the next Nobel peace price 2011.

Dear committee, 

I very much respect your decision on awarding people for this category.
Especially this years winner Liu Xiaobo.After observing what is today going on in Europe, USA and worldwide, regarding WikiLeaks and how the political system is reacting to this democratic process. Publishing documents of politicians and diplomats which we pay from our tax money. WikiLeaks is the new form of media, WikiLeaks is the Internet as such. Internet is the most intensive tool of democracy. Please recall the reactions of Iranian and Chines governments in resent times.

So hereby I am asking you to state a similar sign as with Liu Xiaobo and award WikiLeaks with the next Nobel peace price. I can not imagine of a better example, of such historical scale and importance. WikiLeaks is all we as western civilization are standing for, transparency of government.

If you have any doubts regarding how WikiLeaks obtained the information, please look how Germany was buying stolen data from a swiss banker. WikiLeaks does not sell the information and as far as I know it also does not buy the information.

I would very much appreciate to get an answer and your thoughts 

best regards

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