Gemma-Lindfield, girlie number 6 joins, who fcuks whistle-blower first, WikiLeaks gendergate.

interrestingly there are more and more females engaged to screw the motherfcuker. Now Ms.Gemma-Lindfield, has a try. After 1,344 of a total 251,287 documents released, the bail is now $310,000 in cash, plus a gift a monitoring device by a location tag, thanks to his nomadic lifestyle. But he will remain in prison pending an appeal against the bail decision lodged by Swedish prosecutors girlie Eva Finne, which hopefully will have sex soon and the other girlie in England Gemma-Lindfield can sex to. The two sexually unprotected intercourse girlies, should get also a monitoring location tag, so we can follow Anna's and Sofia's protected sex-live movements online. If the CIA is all orchestrating this I mean WikiLeaks, sex, girlie gate, this gets now really complicated. And also a lot of people are now getting involved. Maybe the Vatican is behind, oh no sorry actually the Vatican is for unprotected sex.

Assange has absolutely no access to any electronic equipment, no access to the outside world, no access to outside media. The only correspondence he has received was a note telling him that a copy of Time magazine sent to him had been destroyed because the cover bore his photograph.

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