Mifare RFID ID Card Owns Unparalleled Preponderance Compared with Contact IC Card

For better security management, DAILY RFID, a leading professional rfid card maker, has recently launched a series of RFID ID cards with diverse shapes, including RFID keyfob card, RFID wristband, and RFID irregular card, for various access control applications.

Compared with contact IC cards, mifare RFID ID Card has a chain of obvious preponderance as follows:

1. High reliability. ID card has no mechanical contact with RFID reader, which advoids all kinds of breakdowns touching readers, such as poor contact due to dust or oil. In addition, RFID ID card has no chip exposed in air, so there’s no need to worry about the chip falling off and bending damage. In other words, this kind of cards are convenient to print, but also improve the operational reliability of cards.

2. Easy to operate. Due to contactless communication, RFID ID card can be identified by reader within its reading scope, and without directionality, the smart card can skim over the surface of reader in any direction, which can not only complete the operation but also greatly accelerates the using speed of each time.

3. Anti-collision. Mifare RFID ID card has a fast anti-collision mechanism that can prevent data interference among different cards. Therefore, RFID reader can identify multiple mifare cards simultaneously, which increases the parallelism of applications and potentially enhances the operating efficiency of system.

4. Excellent encryption performance. Contactless RFID ID card is composed by chip and induction antenna, and completed sealed in a standard PVC card without any exposed parts. By adopting the cutting-edge encryption technology, each card has a unique ID number that is difficult to duplicate, which makes the tag suitable for anti-counterfeiting application fields.

5. Long service life, Large storage capacity and Various reading distances. Thanks to adopting the advanced RFID technology, RFID ID card has larger data storage ability than IC card and allows 100,000 times reading & writing within ten years. Based on different working frequency, this kind of cards have various reading distances, generally ranging from 5cm to 20cm (depends on LF/HF operating frequency) or more than one meter (according to UHF working frequency).

6. Functional diversity. Taking the above merits into consideration, RFID ID card can be applied into access control, personnel management, wireless payment, ticket management, RFID anti-counterfeiting and so forth.

And more importantly, it has turned out that RFID ID card has the ability to play a significant role in a variety of applications via lowering unnecessary costs, reducing manual errors, heightening automation level and reinforcing security management efficiency.

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