The Outstanding RFID Smart Tag Will Bring the Economic and Efficient Social Life

Presently, composed of coupling components and chips, each RFID smart tag has a unique electronic coding, attached to the object for identification the target object, that commonly known as electronic tag. Along with the advance of society, the continuous development of science and technology and life rhythm speeding up, the RFID smart tag was born from DAILY, as the value leader manufacturing professional RFID technology products, with the people’s simple and rapid method of the life.

Nowadays, RFID smart tag has been widely applied in the modern daily life. After the RFID tag entered the magnetic field, the tag receives the radio frequency signal from the reader, with the energy gained by the induced current, and send the product information stored in the chip or take the initiative of a frequency signal. Then, the RFID reader read the information and the decoding, and sent to the central information system for data processing. Taking Asset Management Tag-04 for example, this RFID smart tag performs well under the harsh environment, such as dipping in water and acid, with the permanent magnetic materials and epoxy materials. And this smart tag, can be personalized with printing and numbering, has successfully passed the rigorous testing requirements for Aerospace standard AS5678 specification. Especially, with the operating LF(125KHz) or HF(13.56MHz) frequency and reading distance up to 8cm, this waterproof RFID smart tag has excellent read and write performance on any metal surface in spite of exceptional temperature and harsh environmental.

In fact, the triumphant RFID smart tag is widely used to the life of people brought a lot of convenience, that believe it will be applied to more and more useful in future. At that time, our life will be more beautiful and people can save a lot of time to do more meaningful things. Thanks for the RFID smart tag from DAILY, the development of the outstanding RFID technology will bring the economic and efficient social life.

Please find more info about RFID smart tag at DAILY RFID website: rfid smart tag

DAILY RFID CO., LIMITED (http://www.rfid-in-china.com), which belongs to PAN Group Co., Ltd, is the leading company focusing on the research and development of EPC & RFID technology, such as RFID smart tag with low price in China.

DAILY specializes in producing arguably the world’s most extensive line of low cost RFID smart tag, which is suitable for any vertical markets, and have obtained the National Integrated Circuit Card Register Certificate, IC Card Manufacture License and ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. Also, we own a factory covering an area of 26,000 square meters.

Daily’s RFID smart tag is designed and manufactured with recognized industry standards relevant to RFID and its markets but most notably for use in the demanding environments to recognize and understand your business’s RFID and NFC needs.

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