RFID Access Control Solutions Zealously Boost the Safety Construction of “Smart City”

With the advancement of urbanization, cities are facing potential risk, environmental pollution, traffic congestion and other issues. While the building of smart city will be the ideal model that can effectively improve the urban development problems and guarantee the sustainable development. Luckily, at this moment, RFID access control enters public eyes in the wake of the rapid growth of RFID technology. And as the trusted leader in providing access control and secure identity solutions, DAILY RFID has newly released a series of RFID access control solutions for security and protection fields, in order to positively participate in and promote the pace of “smart city” construction.

Put simply, “Smart city” uses information and communication (ICT) tech, RFID tech, telecommunication and information technology infrastructure to achieve urban intelligent management. Currently, the “smart city” mainly involves intelligent buildings, smart home, network monitoring, Food and drug control, ticket management, smart hospitals and other areas. Thereinto, one focus is to build grid public security prevention and control system by utilizing RFID, especially applying RFID access control solutions.

RFID access control software system is a comprehensive access control software kit that is appropriate for different types of RFID access control applications. Cooperating with RFID hardware equipments and a personnal computer, this system can be used to handle the access control of people and vehicles within whole mansion. Once RFID access control system is installed and set up, it needs no additional user inputting. As long as users show the effectively registered RFID tags or cards in the entrance points, access will be approved automatically.

Compliant with various RFID hardware products, this flexible RFID access control solution from DAILY RFID can simultaneously control the access of personnal and vehicles no matter in the entrance, laundry rooms or parking lots. Moreover, passive low frequency, high frequency, ultra high frequency, semi-passive and active techniques can be flexibly applied into the same system concurrently. In general, HF short range RFID card tags are suitable for personnal access management, while UHF long range RFID windshield tags are perfect for parking and vehicle control fields.

In addition to building security, the requirements for RFID access control solutions also reflect in the urban public facilities, for example, ths airport security management. Via installing RFID access control system, this solution can help airports enhance the security and management efficiency of airport flow, internal staff, cargo area and other regions. All in all, intelligent RFID access control solutions have the ability to give full play to the remarkable skill in the field of building “smart city”.

Please find more info about RFID access control solutions at DAILY RFID website: rfid access control

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