Tiffany Somerset heart ring football players

>The proportion of linemen, the Tiffany Somerset heart ring football players, affected by apnea was even more striking at a whopping 34%.
"This is a surprising finding," said Dr. Charles George, lead author of the paper, which was pubfished in the Jan. 23 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. "These are young, fit, healthy individuals, whom we wouldn't have expected, apart from their size, to be considered for having sleep-disordered breathing."
"Size is important, even if it is toned size," added Dr. George, the chairman of respirology at the University of Western Ontario here.
While the mean BMI (Elsa Peretti Open Wave ring Mass Index) of the participating athletes was 31.5, that number climbed to 36.6 for linemen.
Compared with the thinner kickers and quarterbacks (mean BMI 27), who had an average neck size of 16.6 inches, the linemen's necks were much larger, measuring an average of 19.1 inches.
"Of course, the implications are that if these young, healthy fellows who are in top condition can have sleep apnea, imagine all of the Two Hearts triple bangle younger fellows who are heavy or big, but not in such good shape," Dr. George noted.
Presumably the increased risk of hypertension, cardiovascular disease and stroke linked with apnea would be much greater among ordinary individuals than in the athletes who were included in the study.
Former NFL player behind study
The inspiration behind the Love Knot bangle was the personal experience of Vyto Kab, a former NFL player and one of the study co-authors. After his playing career ended, Kab co-founded a U.S.based company that manages sleep laboratories.

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