WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, jailbreaks and unlocks the political correctness, with Hackers help.

As the Time magazine is published in the US and not adopted for EU, you can see how outdated the format of title pages is. WikiLeaks spills out classified conversations among diplomats on an scale which has not been possible to do without internet. This is the upside of the net, time and history is closing down fast on the ones which play on the priviliged stages of this political world. For sure its nothing new, we all have guessed, this and that, how politicians think, about ruling and following the law, they make. WikiLeaks just affirms that what we all thought is going on, behind the curtain and in back room deals. Yes we need this whistle blowers, because it exposes many political hypocrites, who are asking for your vote under the cover of democracy.

The press which is cought in the comodity world, is not anymore working as a regulative in the society.

The politicians just do what the big corporation want them to do.

The religious leaders made them selves obsolete, so there is no moral entity which looks after you.

Todays the only remaining entities are the banks and the multinational corporations which have a say and which allow what can surface. In some countries around the world only the military nomenclature plays together with the corporations, because they also have a big stake in the cake.

A very nice think which is now surfacing in this affair is how the US, the French, the Swedish and the Swiss governments playing the same song and pulling the plug if the political system is in danger. And finally the Australien governement starts to get leagal aginst his own citizen.

You can just feel how dangerous and suppressing live gets and how systems pulling all necessary to shut one man down, even getting a Swedish state prosecutor to file charges for rape and Interpol for world wide hunt.

In the discussion about democracy and freedom, Russia, China, USA and the European community plays the same old game with same old force, if nothing helps we kill the guy. I am just wondering why the United Kingdom hold for so long and does not hand over Mr. Assange to Swedish prosecutors? Interestingly Ecuador foreign minister offered political refuge to Mr. Assange, but a day later the president of Ecuador himself, withdraw that offer officially.

What I have read that WikiLeaks prepares a new spill from Banks. This will be the first eye opener when people can read how they have been ripped of by the Banks. It is healthy that Hackers are fishing files because no one else can do so. I ones composed and performed a song for the CCC benefiz event in Hamburg: " hacking in the morning, hacking in the evening, hacking all over, hacking all over the world .......

I am calling on the Ars Electronica to award the next golden Nika to WikiLeaks and on the Australiens to elect Mr. Assange, the Australian of the year .

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