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Passive RFID Tags Cut a Fine Figure in Items Tracking and Clothing Management

Passive RFID Tags are one kind of RFID tags that do not certain battery, but rely on the electromagnetic energy sent by RFID readers to work. In virtue of the simple structure and economical and practical features, Passive RFID Tags obtain the extensive applications in various RFID fields. Recently, as the leading professional RFID technology products manufacturer, DAILY RFID has also released a series of Passive RFID Tags in order to cater for the huge market demand and to assist in raising the efficiency of items tracking and clothing management.

DAILY’s Passive RFID Tags-High Performance Impel High Efficiency to Various RFID Products Tracking

Back to the past, low-tech Passive RFID Tags always brought inconvenience to the RFID products tracking containing metal or liquid, which greatly effected the development of industry and economy. Currently, DAILY RFID, as one of the most professional Passive RFID Tags manufacturers in the world, has released new generation and cost-effective Passive RFID Tags. With high performance, special design and flexible read range, Passive RFID Tags impel the high efficiency to various products tracking applications.

New RFID Passive Tags with Strong Broadband Capability Make Great Contributions to RFID Products Tracking

When it comes to RFID Passive Tags, RFID enthusiasts will think immediately that a passive tag is an RFID Tag that does not contain a battery and will be supplied the power by the reader. When radio waves from the reader are encountered by a RFID Passive Tag, the coiled antenna within the tag will form a magnetic field. Having a useful life of twenty years or more, the RFID Passive Tag has almost unlimited applications in consumer goods or other areas.

EPC Compliant Passive RFID Tag with long read range

DAILY RFID has recently released mini Passive RFID tag for use in long range application. Compatible with ISO18000-6C (EPC Gen2) or ISO18000-6B standards, it is suitable for attachment to tagged items and track within 3 meters, such as pet management and garment tracking.

Operating in the UHF spectrum from 860MHz to 960MHz, the UHF Passive RFID tag can offer a minimum read range 1m and a maximum read distance of up to 3.5 meters basing on DAILY's passive RFID Reader. Thus, it increases the cover range and visibility of the management process.

passive RFID tags are suited for unlimited applications

Passive RFID tags are in the ascendant due to their low cost, long lifespan, and most of all - can be used in almost unlimited applications. DAILY RFID is an excellent producer and designer of the passive RFID tags, just like RFID wristbands and RFID jewelry tags.

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