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Rugged UHF RFID Reader Module with Multi Port Interfaces

DAILY RFID has released UHF RFID Reader Module DL910 complying with ISO18000- 6C (UHF Gen2) and ISO 18000-6B international standards. With multi port interfaces, it provides optimum performance for collecting, managing, and transferring information.

The UHF RFID Reader module is stable in harsh environments, such as in high temperature conditions up to 70 degree Centigrade. It can read multiple tags simultaneously which is moving fast. And it has multi port interfaces provided for connection with the host computer for data exchange, such as RS232, RS485, Wiegand and TCP/IP.

125KHz RFID Reader Module with easy data transfer function

DAILY RFID has recently launched 125KHz RFID Reader Module designed for data communication. It provides a user-friendly mode for data transfer, while enabling low power consumption.

The LF 125KHz RFID reader module uses Built-in USB port as its communication interface for data transferring by connecting to PC. In addition, the low frequency RFID reader has Two-LED indication as a signal lamp for standby search and data communications.

Mini RFD Reader Module for RFID Embedded Applications

DAILY RFID has released mini RFID Reader module, which is easy to integrate into many LF/HF RFID programs. It provides a high performance and cost-effective platform for embedding into RFID applications.

The RFID Reader module is well designed to use in RFID embedded applications. With a small size of approximately a standard card size, the LF/HF reader module is used as integrators to install into printers, terminals and handheld devices via a USB interface for power supply and data communication.

LF/ HF RFID Reader Module with multiple tag Capability

DAILY RFID has recently launched LF/HF RFID Reader Module. It is compatible with 125KHz or 13.56MHz frequency chips just like EM4001, TK4100, I-CODE, Mifare-Family.

The low-cost RFID reader module provides high performance and suitability. With high accurate identification ability, this RFID Reader module has a read range up to 100mm. And it has Two-LED indication for standby search and data communications to make it easy to use.

DAILY released low cost RFID Reader Module series

DAILY RFID has launched a series of RFID Reader module for easy integration into most LF/HF RFID programs with a low cost. The reader module delivers high performance while enabling low power consumption.

RFID Reader module (serial) operating at LF and HF unveiled

DAILY RFID has launched a RFID Reader module, which can be used as semifinished products signifying with a lower cost and easily integrated into many RFID programs. In addition, the rfid reader module has a USB interface and features low power consumption.

Reader Module:a low-cost rfid reader for reading rfid tag

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading producer of RFID readers and RFID tags, has recently launched RFID tag reader-06 with a small dimension, operating in 125KHz and 13.56MHz. With good performance, it provides a low-cost platform only about 28USD.

Low-cost RFID Reader Module with Low Power Consumption

DAILY RFID,a Chinese leading producer of RFID readers and RFID tags,has recently launched 125KHz RFID Reader Module-06,specailly designed to meet the need of industrial and outdoor environments with low power consumption,which is priced at 28 USD.

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