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UHF RFID Tags with Excellent Frequency—Supply Greater Versatility for Commercial Linen and Laundry Processing Systems

UHF RFID Tags, as the RFID products working from 860~960MHz, are compliant with EPC Gen 2 standard. Designed for various RFID fields, the UHF RFID Tags with excellent frequency have addressed many issues of previous RFID applications and allowed to identify an enormous number of objects, control inventory and ensure the security. Implementing high accuracy and fast speed, the UHF RFID Tags with excellent frequency enjoy great popularity in various walks of life, like vehicle tracking, animal management, asset management and so on.

UHF RFID on Metal Tag Offers Long Read Range for metal environment

Since Ordinary RFID tags are often not suitable for using on metal due to its short read range nowadays, DAILY RFID has newly released UHF RFID On Metal Tag with long read range up to 5 meters to solve the problem of tracking environment around mental. With widely using in the logistics, the tags help to ensure the time of tracking the goods and enhance the security.

UHF RFID Windshield Card for Vehicle Management

DAILY RFID has launched UHF RFID windshield card -02 designed for on any glass surface including on windshield for vehicle management. As an on windshield tag, it gives outstanding performance on reading distance of up to 15 meters. As the result, this RFID windshield card with adhesive clip has played an important role in vehicle safety management applications.

Logo-printed Windshield RFID Tag for car tracking

DAILY RFID has announced a latest logo-printed windshield RFID tag-05, which is mainly designed for vehicle management in parking lot or car access control tracking in communities. By attaching on glass windshield surface, this waterproof RFID tag is durable against harsh environment and can be programmed with any data.

UHF RFID Clothing Tag for tracking clothes in inventory

DAILY RFID has recently released UHF RFID clothing tag for tracking clothes in retail store. With a sophisticated electronic ID chip inside each RFID tag, it enables the garments to be traced accurately and efficiently. It is a good method to better control inventory and minimize the operation cost.

High Temperature RFID Tag for Industrial Environment

DAILY RFID has released high temperature UHF RFID Tag, which can withstand high temperatures as high as 200 degree. With strictly technique, it can work accurately when subjected to the harsh industrial environment besides high temperatures, including pressure and aggressive chemicals.

UHF High Temperature RFID Tag with washable function

DAILY RFID has released UHF high temperature RFID Tag, which is heat-resistant to withstand high temperatures up to 200°C. It is washable and suitable for adverse environment in industrial manufacturing applications, especially in harsh laundry conditions.

The high temperature UHF RFID tag is heat-resistant under 200°C and has the ability to tolerate the acids and solvents that are generally used in industrial environments. Since the UHF Tag is encapsulated inside the PET and copper material to suffer heat, as well as all kinds of torments such as pressure, aggressive chemicals liquids.

The smallest UHF RFID Tag for Number Plate Tracing

DAILY RFID has recently released the smallest RFID UHF Tag for number plate. With long read distance under metal environments, this mini RFID tag is suitable for use on metal surface, especially for tracing number plate in doors and vehicles.

This small, fully encapsulated RFID UHF tags can work in any adverse circumstance. Despite of its small footprint, the UHF On-metal tag for number plate has the capacity to deliver an impressive range of up to 3 meters. And it can be customized in ISO 18000-6B or ISO 18000-6C (EPC Gen2) standard.

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