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Freeopen, no money, and all the way up to the “Ideastore” - impressions.

With slide bitter lemons on the lips of the originators and activists, ended the open congress: see we did again something valuable for free, means for nothing, means for not the adequate amount of public money we deserve to get. And yes you are right. Competition is tough between Londonistan and Londinium about budgets which are limited and a lot of folks need to be paid and lets face it, its was not a charity event for homeless Net artists.

The Imperium forbids admitting and we are all thank full how ever high the personnel investment is, we have to be pragmatic, why, because it could be worse, the Germans could bomb us again, we may get a new Thatcher in Blair and the Queen will stay for ever, the Spanish armada could get a better Admiral and again loosing paradise, no, no, rather suffer now.

I love the countries of the south, attending hacker congresses in Italy, with no money at all, but at least the wine, the coffee and the spaghetti have been tasteful, returning live quality to the participating partisans. Here in Londonistan people need to suffer and are very proud to smile bitterly out of the daily protestant tragedy and yelling silently, “how much years I have invested in a cause open culture”.

Remarking was one statement of the last feedback panel of the organizers about property;” it seams all to be about property”. Oh what a discovery in 2005, we have still the discussion of the ones who have not, discuss about property, the ones who have no money discuss about open what so ever. I did try to attend all three events, Limehousingly Danacentering in to Tate Britain (I could not exchange my Lime in to a Tate). The community on pilgrimage from one place to the other repeating the mantras of open all, hear and listen to that what they already know. Mantras are good they give strength to the believers.

Yes it is inspiring also for me to attend talks, and it was, rebooting my deep hidden thoughts and bringing them upfront, thank you for this.

But one message for you on-in-staners I have: give pleasure open source do not hide it, give coffee, food, drinks free of charge in high quality out to the attendees, make proper parties where people can entertain them selves and not ending up among binge drinkers yelling for Ibiza, in pubs with pizza in hand, its not everybody’s style to be. Inject a higher grade of life quality into your events, yes that cost money but the cultural institutions have to pay for it. I know they are the posh after parties also I went there, meeting again but now selected open all’ers, rushing for a glimpse of Astro Gilberto finishing up in moods of “imagine there is no haven”, I had to leave.

The positive think about your open budget online, was showing how underpaid everyone was. And now you should document ?.....Oh yes. Endless hoers of editing and formatting.

Why I am so upset, oh, because you aren’t, and also because I passed so much waves of openness. Seeing repeating mistakes coming again and again yes changes are, we have now Internet which we did not have and relayed on alternative distribution ending up finally with Bertelsmann.

But make no mistake the Internet will never be free, and here we are on the core what I think, there was never something free or open, all was very costly and it is. Alternative production – software, oh yes, and who fills it with content, content which is attractive and has quality and not just, personal soups with onions.
Oh you say triangulation – autoimmunization and than the slight touch on top.
Free or open do not exist. Pirate’s yes they exist, after talking open source and free of all, go to the net and download Richies Revolver and shoot Madonnas in a BitTorrenting Ipod. I think the Culture police has to come back and arrest booth of them. Pirates in the Indonesian waters, they came up because of poverty.

Content production is so complex and intensive, the producers or artist will not care about open ore sourced Photoshop on a Linux box, they care about getting thinks done in time. Artists and content producers are unpleasant and difficult to handle, sometimes they know about space and time, they generating evidence and need physical space and are always to late, but the gadget geeks today just talk and remain on a fancy black T-pad.

Making software, harsware, pictures, movies, songs, performances, sculptures is not fancy and will stay as it was difficult to produce. The machines and the distribution improves – faster-smaller and more, this is driven by managers and engineers, but more money for artists top down, no way, it’s less. To clarify by artists and content production, I do not mean entertaining journalism, I mean originality and artistic expression.

I think I am well aware about how technology and media art today is interlinked, as soon some hard or softhacker comes up with a new, it generates immediately new formats which are interesting but still, someone else has to create the contents which gets than distributed. Here is the big gab, in the industry this is somehow regulated, I mean they try hard, the engineers, the distributors, the marketing people have there stake and also the mainstream artist.

This Imperial phalanx will never support you in time, even not in thousand years, when you are old and rusty, here only the government and his founding bodies are asked and have the responsibility to invest serious public money. This is about creating public awareness and consciousness. Why bee insecure, you have a vivid community of geeks, hackers, harswarebuilders, activists, artists, writers and thinkers just invest in them, before there end up as homeless in Spain, if there are unlucky on the Liverpoolstreet station or turn there heads and become Museum directors.

BTW: I ask always myself where they hiding the Homelessland; some are sometimes showing up at the tube station Whitechapel, but that’s all I can see. Compared to my last time walk on the Santa Monica boulevard, where its full of homeless.

A PS monologue: yes they are always the same people you fund since years. The ones you know, well not again you feel, we paid already so long to them now, who is next, who trills, who is exotique, new new new, sexy and made in China, India no its Brazil now. In Tower Hamlets they have an new immense “Ideastore” http://www.ideastore.co.uk/
refurbished library with attached social, cultural and media labs, just incredible. The open media activists would need such a infrastructure.

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