BREAKING NEWS - Spy Cam discovered in Ravensbourne Ma Lab

Following a series of unconnected and unfortunate! events, a covert spy cam was discovered in the Ma Lab here at Ravensbourne. Staff came looking for a Camera, maybe they thought it had been stolen! but no the lens had been Obscured with bluetack harmless enough, as some enterprising student had wondered why there were two PIR sensors and decided to test it out. It is still unknown where this camera links to and indeed if it was wired for sound!!! This raises issues surrounding privacy, the cameras was hidden as a PIR motion sensor such as the one illustrated below

It is felt by students that honesty would have been most welcomed and an alternative camera such as the one below be used

or at least should have been told. Several amorous students are taking issue with this infringement of their privacy. Even those who may simply wanted to change their clothing.

MORE TO COME... maybe a spot the cam section, check your toilets people.

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