World of Warcraft - Bah! - SPORE - "Sporegasm"

World of Warcraft - "Bah! - SPORE -" "Sporegasm"---- on google Video ---- on youtube ---- cut out from about Spore --- Perhaps more significantly, the player's imagination becomes an integral part of his or her game... as well as a part of others' experiences as well. Spore will make use of online connectivity to share each player's creations with a central database while simultaneously retrieving others' work to help populate his own game world. The game's community will be an essential element of the overall experience; although the networked aspect of the title is asynchronous -- that is, no simultaneous multiplayer -- other gamers will influence each player's experience in many ways. Each person's game environment will feature creatures, structures, vehicles and ultimately entire worlds created by their peers and exchanged seamlessly over the Internet.

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