what killed Sasha part 2

On my usual Sunday bike ride crossing London from east to west, this Sunday I passed police cars and fire brigade trucks, persons walking around in toxic safety uniforms, shut down streets, was it just a training simulation or did something go on for real? You don’t wane know do you? Here the chain of coincidences started off, Borat the movie has been already for some time on sale with the Chinese ex cockle pickers now selling DVD’s in front of my Sainsbury, Casino Royal the new 007 was just about getting the blessing of the Queen on the 14.November, Daniel Craig was descending on his knees at red carpet in Leicester Square when MA’am shacked his hand.

By this time no one could imagine that an espionage saga linking Britain, Italy, the US and Russia with a fare bigger Hollywood style like value would hit the news. Some pore ex KGB employee tried to make some money, to be able to pay his monthly lease to an UK landlord. Which immigrant does not know by living in London how you hate the landlords and this artificial overpriced housing market, backed by a Labor government. In my view this is the basis of all misery in this town. By the way which KGB spy does not dream to be bought out for an lump sum, and given secret refuge in London, you can bet, knowing the Russians I thing everyone, so the MI5 has good cards to get the story solved. So a desperado spy was running around in London to found some customers to make some money. What unfolded later was the magnitude of his deal; I mean beside J.W. Bush, Halliburton, the Austrian Government everyone was part of the story.

Its starts of with celebrities like Romano Prodi the Italian Prime minister, oligarch Mikhail Khordorkovsky, Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky, Chechen separatist envoy, Akhmed Zakayev, who lives on the same Muswell Hill street as Litvinenko, off course Maximowitch Putin, Anna Politkovskaya, shot dead in Moscow, ex el suprimo Berlusconi which hired Prof. Scaramella, former energy supplier Yukos oil now part of Gasprom, I am shore somewhere Boris Schroeder has his hands also in it, Yuri Chaika, the country's general prosecutor, MI5, FBI, FSB, the London Metropolitan Police, Health Protection Agency (HPA), the football club Arsenal, the Millennium Hotel in Grosvenor Square, Borat with his anti Azerbaijani propaganda, Daniel Craig, 007, the Queen I am shore someone from the royals has stakes in that deal, the Vatican, a Polonium factory in Krasnoyarsk which is 600km east of Tomsk, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Vienna, British Airways, Easy Jet, this my friend is high profile business and not some small scale cheat by selling old meat to Kebab shops in Londinium. Ah I forget the Itsu sushi bar in Piccadilly, which in my view is the most suspicious bit in the puzzle, small, unimportant, Japanese and Asian.

So what happened pure Alexandre or name him Sasha came somehow in contact with Londinium 210 it has a half-life (the length of time during which is radioactivity declines by 50 per cent) of just 138 days. On the black market they say it was a selling price of 20 Million pounds (almost 30 Million Euro) obviously a bit more then 4 lousy pounds you pay for a pirated Hollywood DVD. I am a valuable customer to BA so I was updated-

Dear Prof DUDESEK - We would like to provide you with a final update regarding the forensic tests carried out on three of our aircraft. You may have seen reports in the media over the weekend that British Airways has received confirmation from UK government agencies that all three of our Boeing 767 aircraft removed from service last week have been given the all clear.
We would like to reassure you that the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has said that it does not believe that passengers were at risk over the past month following the discovery of low traces of a radioactive substance. Thank you for your patience over the last week. Yours faithfully British Airways-

and got this e-mail about the contamination progress of there plains, it is very heartening that some pirates are flying around Europe with radioactivity in their pockets. And here is when Russia phobia hits in again. Londinium came out of some nuclear facilities the Russians have. Security the Russian don’t know what security means, not in sense of social security and neither in sense to secure their nuclear facilities. There would be plenty of highly qualified but poorly paid scientists with access to the material who could be tempted to obtain it on behalf of a ………………. in return for money. Hallo cold war, we need some new customers, we lost the old enemy so lets grow new ones, you can bet who is collecting money from all kind of charities around the world to bribe one of the scientists. Also here which poor, forgotten scientist, in white coat, in freezingly depressing Siberia would not exchange what so ever, to get a heated flat in West London and swap Vodka with Gin.

Do not forget what Russia contributed to our shiny happy consumerism trance, the ultimate energy push, on April 26, 1986 at 01:23 a.m, I do not remember any celebration in 2006 of 20 year’s jubilee of Chernobyl. For this gift they gave to us all, they should supply us with free gas and be very very friendly, I do not buy into the, have no fear faces the west officials played when this disaster went offline. The Russian government including Maximinowitch Putin should pay the treatment of all cancer patients for the next 500 year’s or so.

Aha, if some "back in the USSR" bloke transports nuclear material and leafs behind some traces, the Health Protection Agency officials say, the level of radiation is not dangerous, how is this working?

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