Fark TV

Fark TV - Homeless Soccer
As children, we dreamed of joining the Organization of Homeless Soccer Players, but gainful employment and shelter proved to be obstacles. Thankfully, Fark TV recreated their tear-jerking and odoriferous struggle for those of us who dare to dream.

Fark TV - Deaf School
The problem with deaf students is that they never listen. And sometimes they even protest like a bunch of hippies by barricading themselves inside a university.

Fark TV - Meth Coffee
The best part of waking up is… doing a little crystal meth! It seems a SF-based company wants to get coffee drinkers hooked on its new brand of java, Meth Coffee. Just remember: you don’t get to see the skin-flute until the second cup.

Fark TV - Eric Bell
Fark TV asks the tough question - can't we just talk it out?

Fark TV - Name Game
Marriage is all about compromise and joint decision making. But if you’re still undecided about whether to use his or her surname, may we suggest 18 holes of competitive mini-golf?

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