the Ground


Mcluhan revealed the ground in the medium , and since then it is still an apocalypse to hit the ground mentally as an understanding but even more as a personal practice. Its a huge cross-fader between the essence of it and the hype of it, but that's rather a natural social issue. However, “the sender is send” , but who is the sender? The sender is a preconception of an entity, a being, which we can't distinguish from ourselves, and our multiplex reality. So why should our extensions come more shocking than our existence? In other words why to shift focus, since its a matter of co-existence. The issue had always been philosophical who is i?

Although, is our senses that define us, or we can define ourselves by them, which set up the outer boundary. The difficulty is not to know how far i can jump, but what i am and until what point i exist, inside my body that makes me to act and sense, its the iner-side boundary that is a problematic. If we are a threshold in a multi layered reality, then we want to know the boundaries. But the “sender is send” , and now the one thing that we knew as a fact is in another place and time.

The torus formulation comes if we thing of grounds, as points in space that act as spine that initialize the inner/outer boundaries. Cause, the ground is the centre point of gravity ,it may give to its children freedom , but it was always here.
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