China wisdom: 10 years in jail can bring you $96,000 = 655,920.- Yuan

He was initially sentenced to death but this was commuted to a 29-year term. While he was in jail, his wife remarried and several of his children were adopted. He has now been given $96,000 (£67,000) compensation for spending 10 years in jail. Two policemen accused of beating him have been arrested. His brother said police had forced him to drink chilli-tainted water and set off fireworks above his head in order to make him confess.

Simon Sinek wisdom: why you do it? Summer 1963


Wall Street’s wisdom: “These computers go out and just find the next bid they can find”

Duncan L. Niederauer, chief executive of NYSE Euronext, blaming Nasdaq’s computers for continuing trading while the market was in free fall. “These computers go out and just find the next bid they can find,” he said. Mr. Niederauer acknowledged the need to introduce circuit-breakers along the lines of those already in place on the Big Board, and his views were echoed by some chief executives of the new exchanges.

Taliban wisdom: fly Emirates, safeway to Tora Bora

After 53h and 20 min, setting the clock, leaving his Nissan Pathfinder Faisal Shahzad, booked on the Emirates plane leaving 23.20 Uhr from New Yorker JFK to Waziristan. After Emirates failed to check the updated government's no-fly list, Faisal Shahzad made it through JFK's security checks, but finally was arrested on flight EK202, already taxing off. The luck was this time on the cops side.

Taliban with Ray Ban, on his way back to Tora Bora

Suspected Taliban, Faisal Shahzad, was portrayed with posh Ray Bans and his Bluetooth headset on his way to JFK, before boarding a Emirates flight to Dubai.

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