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The announcement by house/band hybrid Planet Funk that they will be distributing their latest single (out next month) via mobile phone is another landmark in new media history.

After Gnarles Barclay's already annoying track reached "number 1" a couple of weeks ago through downloads alone, we are continuing to see new practises in terms of media distribution.

Lawrence Lessig's Virtual Talking

Stanford avatar Lawrence Lessig gave a talk at Second Life. Alter ego ing a special avatar created for this event, Professor Lessig spoke about his entertaining book, Free Culture - The nature and future of creativity (first published in 2004), and asked for feedback on virtual worlds from the attendees. But.... but oh no, also places at the virtual symposia had to be pre-booked, with seats reserved for journalists and bloggers, how challenging and creative these remarketing ideas are. Lawrence Lessig is professor at Stanford Law School and the founder of the Stanford Centre for Internet and Society. The author of The Future of Ideas and Code: And Other Laws of Cyberspace, he is the chair of the Creative Commons project. Journalist mister Linden covers the session on his site see and lick link's.

Linux - Microsoft - Apple - Windows OSXP tralala

Here a bit Propaghanda (comes from Mahatma Ghandi) for the "Marketplace". So it’s high time for making U turns ladies and gents, Steve’s Apple bootcamps first the Market with embracing XP on Intel platforms

Than Billy’s Microsoft is to provide technical support for Linux running on Virtual Server annouced in Boston - biannual LinuxWorld Expo

Belle de Jour blog by a London call girl

LULU Digital do-it-yourself publishing - Belle de Jour blog by a London call girl and an amateur chef's cooking odyssey goes on paper.



Make money yourself


We-Make-Open -Source-Not-Money

The Take Away Festival in the Node London context once more showed up, how closely software development, media and arts are connected to each other.

For many people, at the first glance, there may not seem to be an intermediate connection between those industries - particularly not between software development and arts.


The VHS tape is officially dead according to UK audio-visual retailers. Although they will not be available from commercial outlets VHS will probably be around for a while because at present there is no more reliable or cheaper method of recording from TV. Technologies like DVD and sky plus are good but expensive. But does anyone watch television anyway. I know I don't. If there's anything which I hate with a passion at the moment, it is British TV.

TakeAway Workshops day2

(from left to right:) Jim Wood's Max Objects workshop and Adam Burt's Podcasting workshop from TakeAway Day2 (Thurs 30 March).

I actually attended Adam's workshop mainly because I have already had a number of Max msp lesson's with Jim.

I learnt a number of things during Adam's session, not only about how to Podcast but also it was interesting to learn about people's perceptions about the general podcasting 'hype'.

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