Create your own Google Map

One of the major strengts of Google Maps is the fact that it has open interfaces and anybody can contribute and enrich the application by his or her own ideas. However, it is still a bit complicated to understand the Google Maps API (Application Programming Interface) particularly if you are not familiar with these kind of things. Therefore there is MyGoogleMaps that allows you to easily create your own map(s) within a web interface. It is still at very early stage but it looks already very promising.

Google Earth for Mac leaked

An unofficial version of Google Earth for Mac was leaked on December 9. As you would expect of a program that is not yet ready for release, there are bugs, unimplemented menu items and window management issues so use it with care. But the program looks and feels fantastic!

Mapping Media Art in London

I attended a workshop loosely based around the EVNT software project but billed as bringing together producers of events and coders of event software to meet each other and “brainstorm the future of event organisation (with an emphasis on the arts), calendaring tools and technologies.”

I wouldn’t really describe myself as belonging to either of those groups but I was very glad I was along for the ride. The introduction to why we were all there generally and specifically as individuals was really interesting. It became clear that although there was a good deal of common ground among us we had such diverse motivations that distinctions like coders and producers weren’t that meaningful.

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