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Mapping Media Art in London

I attended a workshop loosely based around the EVNT software project but billed as bringing together producers of events and coders of event software to meet each other and “brainstorm the future of event organisation (with an emphasis on the arts), calendaring tools and technologies.”

I wouldn’t really describe myself as belonging to either of those groups but I was very glad I was along for the ride. The introduction to why we were all there generally and specifically as individuals was really interesting. It became clear that although there was a good deal of common ground among us we had such diverse motivations that distinctions like coders and producers weren’t that meaningful.

Touching the Smart Studio at ICA

To late afternoon today 23.May. 2005 7.45pm, something forces me to drive to the ICA, that what I know definitely is "I am to late". Parked my car, already very lucky, if you know what I mean, parking your car in Westminster around the ICA. Rush into the building, pay my annual membership fee, as well to late. Walking further to the theater. Yes now I got the official confirmation, "I am to late", entered a typical interaction design atmosphere. Smart Studio from Sweden displays their works. I look desperado around see that almost everyone already went, but luckily I got recognized and rushed in to a group of Austronesian, Japaneses, American interaction pro team in the mode already finishing there examinations. We exchanged politely this and that and by being magically driven by a neon light we discover the Brain Bar. A tangible hybridized physical interactive robot in context to your brain waves serving free of charge alcoholic beverages you deserve, as you can see on the picture Mr.

Post MA after party at Rampart street, east in Babylon! By Karel

Post Laurie Anderson MA after party at Rampart street, east in Babylon, social networking and Turkish and Korean XRLab dancing romantic surfing on waves of pop hope, exiting Korean and Turkish ladies moving around, but English, Welsh, Irish, German, Austrian, Argentinean machos deep in intellectual discussion about music and distribution. After the Laurie Anderson concert in Barbican, in transit from the pub on the corner to Rampart street. You can say that the Gold chained Armani decadent dressed up hippies enjoying a thoughtful romantic late evening concert with some nice tunes and lovely text, as English may say, but on the other hand, the format is good and could give some thoughts to the NME students.

Basically that was an NME format, maybe old but successful, Barbican was sold out._ and you look for jobs right? So formatting thoughts, your private diary, live and personal relations mixed with fine e-violin tunes, who is doing that? Miss Laurie has still a good voice and her music went obviously sweet grieving for the public tears. A sentence fly’s in “Karel are you working”, yes, why? …even under the christmess tree…” ok, bad US beer is served, I know will get headache from it, think loud “don’t by US beer at all – stop smoking US cigarettes”.

MIT - Sociable Media Group

You can find here very interesting social network visualisations. "The Sociable Media Group investigates issues concerning society and identity in the networked world."


Feral Trade Coffee: A New Media For Social Networks

Feral Trade Coffee is imported by Kate Rich from Sociedad Cooperative de Cafecultores Nonualcos R.L. in high altitude El Salvador and traded along social networks. Whilst never actually calling itself art, this project reveals the social-context, texture and aesthetics of this venture in ‘new international trade relations’, with coffee as its medium.

I drank my first cup of Feral Trade coffee at the Risk Academy media lab at the CCA in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago. Every morning it cheered and revived academicians recovering from the previous nights’ excesses of Balvenie and Laphroaig. We’re told that this third shipment is a milder roast than the previous batches and having purchased a bag to drink at home, I can still taste the green in the bean at the top of my palate in this young, light bodied coffee,

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