TakeAway Festival


SOUND PERFORMANCE from Takeaway Festival

Sound Performances from Takeaway Festival
There were 4 perfprmance 29th: Breadboad Band, 30th:Julean Simon and
Jon Cambeul, 31th: The Handydandys.

All of them show us experimental performance and below are movie from Jon Cambeul and The Handydandys.


Takeaway DO It Yourself Festival was the best media/interactive arts event that I have been to in 2006, there were many excellent pieces that are very impressive. As well as the audiences, many of them are from the industry. It was a good chance to meet artists, lecturers, media company directors etc. Finally, it has been a great pleasure to be here with all the other artists

Rules & Regulations

So its the last day of Takeaway today, with the final lectures wrapping things up very soon...and I'm actually quite glad! 3 days of this has been pretty intensive, and I'm starting to get a little tired and bored of being told off every 5 minutes. There's far too many rules and regulations in this place. If its not that we're blocking fire exits, its that we have "fatal trailing cables in public through ways". Seeing that artists tend to be of the non-conformist type, this may prove problematic for the relatively new centre.

wierd custom-made instruments

Bad luck if you missed out on the sound performance on day 2 of Takeaway festival. Julean Simon's "midi wind controller concert" and Jon Cambeul's "Wacom Guitar" went down very nicely after 2 and a half hours of lectures.

Breadboard Band Strike Back

Sound performance from Takeaway festival (wednesday pm)

This time Shosei's infamous Breadboard Band have no technical problems and the performance is a major sucess. Nice one sushi (as Karel likes to call you - food on the brain as usual!)

Censored at the Dana centre

For those of you who were unable to see what was censored here are the images.
I was asked to remove them from public display as deemed inappropriate...
Art not oil is a very interesting art group.

http://art.not.oil.org.uk ------ Clik the links above to find out more...

Corrugation Street

For me this show has been a very enjoyable experience, from the point of view of looking at other people's work, and exchanging ideas. I particularly enjoyed the evening lectures - very stimulating. But also the show has been great for me as an opportunity to show my work, and gather feedback. Actually it's the most intense feedback I've had yet on my Corrugation Street project, it's made me question quite a few aspects I'd not considered, and has given me useful ideas for building into the next version. Here are some comments I've had:

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