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When MA term began last autumn, I doodled and quoted some about the network to pull the idea. Belows are from them that still gives me feel refresh although some doesn't make sense.

50% Value down without communication
network is your gateway to green living
network is an online community of animal humane
network is an online community of animal humane associations and rescue groups that display their available animals online
network is open for business
network is in the government’s future
network is the controller
network is a nonprofit foundation
network is an open community for discussion and research concerning religion and spirituality
network is not the computer
network is growing
network is the market
network is here
network is right for me?
network is growing and strengthening
gardening is a beautiful art
gardening is cooking not chemistry
gardening is a gamble
gardening is a process
gardening is a lifelong learning process
gardening is life
gardening is growing

Another physical data visualization

nabaztag is a physical ambient visualization device in the form of a cute bunny rabbit that is able to display several live datasets retrieved through a WiFi Internet connection

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Gel Greenhouses for Plants

Plantariums are life-giving ecosystems in which seeds germinate. The colorful gel's transparency makes the seedling and its roots visible throughout the entire germination and plant-growth process!

from Designers Party

Vertu: 20 grand mobile

luxuriest mobile ever?
Unfortunately(?) they are not selling in Korea.


Nokia: Digital Picture Frame

Using MMS, update your daily features in a digital frame on your or your family's bookshelf or desk.

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Ars Electronica 2005

In order to overview Ars Electronica 2005, DNA Production created short movies. And you can also find past years' intoduction films here. There are two videos introduced related this year:
GORI.Node Garden
Ars Electronica 2005

Memory Wall

Seems visualizing data is not just boring sculpture sticked to gallery any more but becomes part of our life. What a happy news for us!

from Information Aesthetics

Cheers, women!

The first room, when you enter Arsenale, shows these.
from 51st Venice Biennale

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