When MA term began last autumn, I doodled and quoted some about the network to pull the idea. Belows are from them that still gives me feel refresh although some doesn't make sense.

50% Value down without communication
network is your gateway to green living
network is an online community of animal humane
network is an online community of animal humane associations and rescue groups that display their available animals online
network is open for business
network is in the government’s future
network is the controller
network is a nonprofit foundation
network is an open community for discussion and research concerning religion and spirituality
network is not the computer
network is growing
network is the market
network is here
network is right for me?
network is growing and strengthening
gardening is a beautiful art
gardening is cooking not chemistry
gardening is a gamble
gardening is a process
gardening is a lifelong learning process
gardening is life
gardening is growing
gardening is the answer for today’s busy person
gardening is taking care of a piece of land where flowers or vegetables are grown
gardening is a seed once sown that never dies
gardening is the way it can pull a neighborhood together
gardening is not worth your effort and time if you're not willing to be challenged and learn from it
gardening is a way of showing that you believe in tomorrow
gardening is to develop the possibilities of planting design and cross the perceived boundaries of the inside and outside environment
seed is pure
seed is our specialty
seed is sown
seed is like ourselves" a case study from rajasthan
seed is planted and a flower grows
seed is created equal
seed is in the soil
seed is open
seed is essential
seed is the word of god
seed is the word of god and jesus is the sower
seed is available
seed is in the ground and we were waiting for rain
seed is the result of the sexual reproduction of a plant
seed is desired
seed is stored
seed is produced
wind is free
wind is fastest growing power sector
wind is with you
wind is song
wind is with us
wind is currently the world's fastest growing energy source
wind is changing
wind is coming
wind is made where does the wind come from? in general terms
wind is a worry
wind is capable to destroy power transmission lines
wind is the music trees dance to
vibrate is in the audio range
vibrate is known as the second harmonic
vibrate is known as the second harmonic; the third lowst frequency is known as the third harmonic; and so on
vibrate is to move up and down
vibrate is how fast our "time" is progressing
vibrate is a different way
vibrate is simply the wind
vibrate is going
vibrate is the answer
vibrate is usually caused by two things
vibrate is what the universe /consciousness/god/spirit answers
vibrate is what you attract

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