RFID Tags and NFC Tags from DAILY Demonstrate the Difference in the Wireless Fields

Nowadays, the RFID Tags and NFC Tags have been widely for industrial applications or payment. And people get confused when acronyms attack. That's especially true when two acronyms stand for a couple of very similar wireless technologies. In this case, our geeky acronyms are NFC and RFID, two close cousins in a world filled with wireless wizardry. To let people make a suitable choice between RFID Tags and NFC Tags, DAILY RFID (China RFID) will tell the difference of RFID and NFC to people firstly.

NFC stands for near field communication, while RFID means radio frequency identification. Both employ radio signals for all sorts of tagging and tracking purposes, sometimes replacing bar codes. NFC is still an emerging technology; RFID, however, is currently in widespread use all over the world. Technically, RFID often works well at distances of many feet; otherwise, you'd have to veer your car dangerously close to a toll gate in order to make sure the reader accepted your payment. And RFID is a one-way communication system, in which data flows from tags to the reading equipment. NFC technology is a newer, more finely honed version of RFID. It operates at a maximum range of about 4 inches (10 centimeters) and can be set up for one- or two-way communications.

Comparing these two types of tags, RFID tags contain an antenna and a memory chip that stores data. To read that data stored in the RFID tags, people need the RFID readers. These RFID readers can read the RFID tags of up to 100 meter long read range and can help long range tracking applications since it doesn’t need a direct line of sight for the information to be read. NFC tags is a subset of RFID tag which is often passive HF option and it can be detected only within 10 cm. NFC tag is usually used in cases where security is needed, especially in ticketing and NFC payment applications. And the use of NFC has seen extreme growth due to their ease of use, speed and security. Using NFC Smartphone, people can tap NFC smart tags that might appear in everything from promotional movie posters and political flyers to museum tour placards. Smart tags are a lot like RFID tags; they're simply tuned to work with an NFC reader instead of an RFID one.

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