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The Durable RFID Sticket Tags Implements Fast Management of Parking System

Recently, the special RFID sticket tags are applied for the parking system widely and more and more parking managers are aware of the significant revolution bring by non-contact radio frequency identification technology. With the rapid development and the large application of RFID, DAILY RFID, a distinguished professional RFID tech products manufacturer, has launch a series fire-new RFID sticket tags for better car tracking and parking management.

The Excellent RFID NFC Tags Play a Significant Role in the Mobile Payment

With the NFC payment systems just starting to roll out in the world, RFID NFC tags for mobile payment are expected to become the pop mode tools of the contactless payment, will gradually replace the traditional payment. In the few year, the NFC technology, has begun to grow, is used in a coffee shop in the contactless payment terminal, and also widely applied for payment. In addition, for the sake of RFID NFC tags for mobile payment to be marketable, DAILY RFID, a leading RFID professional manufacturer, has recently researched and flourished a sequence of RFID NFC tags.

RFID Animal Tags Impel the Flourish of Livestock Industry in Significant Measure

Currently, there are more and more ranchers starting to apply advanced RFID animal tags, which are radio frequency identification technology products for animal tracking, into modern pig slaughtering and processing enterprises. By right of contactless and multiple identification, RFID animal tags have played an important role in RFID pig slaughtering production monitoring management system in real time.

Waterproof Passive Smart RFID Tags Conduce to Building Working Platform for Laundry Management

In recent days, a series of waterproof passive smart RFID tags have been launched by DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading company who is dedicated to design and manufacture RFID technology products, for better laundry tracking and linen management. In terms of their application, these waterproof passive smart RFID tags can be called RFID laundry tags with high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and repeatability.

Micro USB RFID Reader with Tiny Size Is Plug and Play Via USB Interface

RFID technology is a kind of non-contact automatic identification technology rising in the 1990s and is the cutting-edge technical project developing rapidly in recent years. As one of the important RFID research achievements, micro USB RFID reader is mainly used in security monitoring, remote device management, goods delivery, transportation management and so on.

RFID Passive Tags Have Become One of the Important Directions of RFID Research

Over the years,UHF RFID technology has widely been used in various fields, such as production, retail, traffic, logistic and so on for UHF RFID technology has the trait of non-contact, faster recognition, long identification distance and large capacity of storing data. And, RFID passive tags, as the core component of UHF RFID identification system, have always been a hot spot of research at home and abroad.

Anti-metal RFID Tags – Specifically Designed for Pallet Control System in Supply Chain

In recent years, anti-metal RFID tags have played a central role in objects identification and tracking applications as supply chain continues to expand the scale and RFID develops rapidly. For the sake of meeting the increasing market demand, DAILY RFID, a leading company who is dedicated to producing RFID tech products, has newly released a sort of anti-metal RFID tags using different materials, including ABS, Exopy, PVC, 3M Glue and other special magnetic materials.

RFID EM Tags Make a Big Difference in Raising the Level of the Library Automation

Recently, a chain of RFID EM tags have been launched by DAILY RFID, a leading professional RFID technology products developer and manufacturer, for promoting the efficiency of modern library management. As people see, traditional means lacking in RFID EM tags can no longer meet the increasing demand along with the enlargement of library scale and the increase of books, whereupon library managers are in dire need of high-tech products support to make a difference.

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