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DAILY’s RFID Tags with Lower Price Give Significant Values to Routine Asset Tracking

The Reasonable RFID Tags Price? With the expanding of RFID industrial applications and use of RFID Tags become more prevalent, the reasonable RFID Tags Price has become the seeking target by people. As we all know, the bygone complex process management and expensive equipments will usually give rise to the slow development of enterprises, event create the possibility of substantial capital losses. Thus, choosing the RFID Tags with reasonable price has been the crucial approaches for an enterprise to decrease the cost.

RFID Asset Tags from DAILY Make the Asset Management Really Transparent

With the advance of RFID( Radio Frequency Identification) technology, RFID Asset tags are gradually known by more and more people. When one company develops rapidly and has a considerable number of assets, it is the asset management that increasingly becomes the priority among priorities of enterprise operation management. Over the past, as everyone knows, it was not easy to make one-to-one correspondence among accounts, cards and items in the practical asset management work, which brought difficulties to the supervision of items and the management of asset.

Latest RFID Asset Tags from DAILY RFID Upgrade the Asset Tracking Level Efficiently

Nowadays, RFID Asset Tags have become a hot topic when it comes to managing fixed assets within the enterprise. Implementing new generation RFID technology into asset tracking, RFID Asset Tags have increased the security with unique ID number and delivered a new force to fulfill asset tracking quickly and easily for any applications requiring asset management.

New Generation RFID Garment Solution from DAILY RFID Benefits RFID Garment Industry

In the past, maybe you had a large inventory of garments that you needed to track or maybe you felt a compicated Garment procedure and expected an efficient solution in RFID Gament. The traditional garment management method means wasting a lot of labour, material resources and financial power. Fortunately, DAILY RFID, as a professional RFID products manufacturer, has released new generation RFID Garment Tags to streamline the RFID Garment tracking process, which gives rise to a major break-through in traditional Garment Industry.

RFID Garment Products from DAILY Expedite the Next Generation of Garment Retails

Recently, the latest series of RFID Garment products have been rolled out by DAILY RFID, which is very specialized in RFID technology manufacturer in China.
At present, the development of clothing industry is facing new situation, the increasing brand competition, the expanding garment retail shops, and the improving customer requirements, etc, which all lead to more challenges to garment managers. Consequently, it is how to manage a garment enterprise that has been a question of questions. So DAILY’s RFID Garment system is becoming the savior of apparel management.

Lastest RFID Garment Tags – Durable to Benefit Clothing Management

By using chips sewn into RFID Garment Tags, numerous companies with high volume of garments (especially uniforms), just like hotels or garment rental outlets, have well transferred their distribution lines from clothing production to inventory to retail points. Thinking back the past years, RFID tags have been applied to so many things from event control to asset management, from music festival to animal tracking, etc.

Latest RFID Garment Tags — the Next Generation Solution for Tracking Garment Inventory

In the past years, traditional garment inventory management was a big headache for Clothing Retailers, which lead to time consuming and error prone. Nowadays, the RFID technology produces many fresh RFID Garment Tags­ utilized for garment industries. DAILY RFID, a professional RFID tags and readers manufacturer combining the clothing line with RFID technology, has also released latest RFID Garment Tags. Due to high efficiency, these RFID tags could help RFID clothing system update the inventory quickly and have become the new generation solution for Tracking Garment Inventory.

RFID Security Tag Provides Portable Life for People with Iphones and Androids

With the development of NFC applications (NFC: Near field communication), DAILY RFID offers a range of customizable phone or jewelry attachments which are ISO14443 compliant, just like the NFC key fobs. For the latest RFID Security Tags released by DAILY in recent months, DAILY designed them to provide people more portable payment life. Put simply, this NFC RFID Security Tag (NFC Tag) is easily carried to bring comforts to NFC payment, such as mobile payment and loyalty services.

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