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New Generation RFID Garment Solution from DAILY RFID Benefits RFID Garment Industry

In the past, maybe you had a large inventory of garments that you needed to track or maybe you felt a compicated Garment procedure and expected an efficient solution in RFID Gament. The traditional garment management method means wasting a lot of labour, material resources and financial power. Fortunately, DAILY RFID, as a professional RFID products manufacturer, has released new generation RFID Garment Tags to streamline the RFID Garment tracking process, which gives rise to a major break-through in traditional Garment Industry.

RFID Garment Products from DAILY Expedite the Next Generation of Garment Retails

Recently, the latest series of RFID Garment products have been rolled out by DAILY RFID, which is very specialized in RFID technology manufacturer in China.
At present, the development of clothing industry is facing new situation, the increasing brand competition, the expanding garment retail shops, and the improving customer requirements, etc, which all lead to more challenges to garment managers. Consequently, it is how to manage a garment enterprise that has been a question of questions. So DAILY’s RFID Garment system is becoming the savior of apparel management.

Button-sized RFID tag designed for laundry garment tracking

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading producer of RFID tags, has launched button-sized RFID laundry tag-02 for laundry garment tracking. The laundry tag is designed with two holes in the middle for easy attachment to garment.

RFID Laundry tag designed for harsh laundry conditions

DAILY RFID has recently launched a new UHF RFID Laundry Tag with a low price at 0.78USD, specially designed to meet the requirement of harsh laundry conditions. With strictly technique, this RFID laundry tag can work accurately when subjected to the harsh environment of the laundry process.

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