13.56 mhz

Button-sized RFID tag designed for laundry garment tracking

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading producer of RFID tags, has launched button-sized RFID laundry tag-02 for laundry garment tracking. The laundry tag is designed with two holes in the middle for easy attachment to garment.

RFID File Tracking Solution unveiled by DAILY

DAILY RFID has launched a cost-effective RFID file tracking solution for file inventory management, in response to track the location of files without complicated procedures.

Wireless Bluetooth RFID Reader to locate passive tags in real time

DAILY RFID has released 13.56MHz bluetooth RFID Reader DL990 for mobile RFID application. It is designed as a palm-sized wireless reader to locate passive tags in a real-time mode by transferring data to a back-end computer via the Bluetooth connection.

RFID Jewelry Management Solution debuted by DAILY

For jewelry applications, there are some options for RFID jewelry tracking. In order to maximize the ROI of the RFID jewelry system, DAILY RFID is committed to designing a suitable RFID jewelry management solution for each end-user in market communities, secured storing and other areas.

RFID Asset Management Solution presented by DAILY

DAILY RFID has released a cost-effective RFID Asset Management solution, designed to track and manage mobile and fixed assets in respond to the considerable attention RFID has drawn to asset management.

Low-cost RFID Reader USB for mobile office debuts

DAILY RFID has unveiled a low-cost 125KHz or 13.56MHz RFID Reader USB as a plug-and-play device, to extend the reach of RFID to the mobile office environment more easily, where laptops, PC and smartphones are widely used.

Mini RFID Sticker Tag(size dia. 9mm) available from DAILY

DAILY RFID has unveiled mini RFID Sticker Tag-08(measured in dia. 9 mm) for use in most RFID applications, including directly on metallic surfaces. This adhesive RFID Sticker tag can easily be affixed to on flat and clean surfaces with its self-adhesive 3M Glue.

13.56MHz Mifare RFID tags in various transponders form

Mifare RFID tags and Mifare RFID readers based on 13.56MHz, has been widely used in today's high-speed transactions, such as electronic wallet, access control. DAILY RFID is excellent in producing and designing the passive RFID tags using different chips, including various Mifare chips.

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