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RFID Livestock Tags Impel the Healthy Development of Livestock Industry to a Large Degree

Nowadays, RFID livestock tags have extended all over the poultry industry along with the development of economy and the advancement of people’s life level. That’s because the food industry requiring the high quality makes more and more livestock companies use RFID livestock tags to guarantee security of meat food. Of late, as the leading professional RFID tech products manufacturer, DAILY RFID has also released a series of smart RFID livestock tags, in order to meet the huge market demand for RFID livestock tags and help to enhance the level of animal tracking and livestock management.

Adhesive Small RFID tags with Low Price

DAILY RFID recently develops a latest HF RFID small tag specially designed in Dia. 7mm for small item tracking. It is suitable for access control applications where it is vital to track small size objects. As a promotion this month, this small RFID tag is sold at a price of lower than US$ 1.00 per piece.

Mini RFID Sticker Tag(size dia. 9mm) available from DAILY

DAILY RFID has unveiled mini RFID Sticker Tag-08(measured in dia. 9 mm) for use in most RFID applications, including directly on metallic surfaces. This adhesive RFID Sticker tag can easily be affixed to on flat and clean surfaces with its self-adhesive 3M Glue.

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