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Writable RFID Tags Can Be a Great Way to Increase People’s Productivity

DAILY has released the writable RFID tags with small size and simple structure, especially low cost, in order to be applied into fixed asset safety and management fields. These advanced RFID tags, as the data carrier, have the functions of the identity recognition, objects tracking and information collection. In foreign countries, the writable RFID tags have been extensive application area.

UHF Small RFID Tag Improves the Efficiency of Management and Heightens the Security in Many Applications

In the real time information society, the UHF small RFID tag, a newly high technology of RFID, is a very popular technology in a variety of industries, such as the logistic and the tourism. However, reliable identification of multiple objects is especially challenging if many objects present at the same time, so the bar code has not met the requirement of the market.

Customizable 125KHz or 13.56MHz Small RFID Disc Tag

DAILY RFID, a leading manufacturer of RFID tags and RFID readers in China, has released a latest small RFID disc tag 04 that could be customized in 125KHz or 13.56MHz. With 3M glue on the back, this small RFID disc tag can be stuck on flat and clean surfaces for tracking usage.

Small Metal mount RFID Tag - Perfect Choice in Metallic Environment

DAILY RFID has recently developed UHF Metal Tag-05, which is designed to mount on metal for tracking usage. In spite of the metal weakening effect on read range, this kind of metal mount RFID tag combines small footprint and stable detecting performance in metallic environment.

Small Size RFID Tag Manufacturer - DAILY RFID

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading manufacturer of RFID tags and RFID readers, has unveiled a small size RFID metal tag-06 for a wide range of tracking applications on metallic environment. Operating in 125KHz or 13.56MHz working frequency, this small size RFID metal tag shows stable identification performance.

13.56MHz 7mm /10mm /13mm /15mm RFID Factory in China

DAILY RFID, a leading factory of RFID tags and RFID readers in China, has newly released a small size 13.56MHz RFID tag to track small items. The smallest size RFID tag, also name tiny RFID tag, could be customized in a mini size of Dia. 7mm, and this mini RFID tag is available in other small size including Dia. 10mm, 13mm and 15mm.

Adhesive Small RFID tags with Low Price

DAILY RFID recently develops a latest HF RFID small tag specially designed in Dia. 7mm for small item tracking. It is suitable for access control applications where it is vital to track small size objects. As a promotion this month, this small RFID tag is sold at a price of lower than US$ 1.00 per piece.

Small-sized UHF Tag with high preformace around metal & liquid

The usage of RFID passive UHF tag is limited on metal and water which disturb RF signals, and UHF on metal has often given the largest tag. In order to aid the process, DAILY RFID has developed small-sized RFID passive UHF Tag, with high performance around metal and moist environment.

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