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RFID Asset Tracking System can be Gradually Promoted and Popularized in Asset Management Field

In modern times, RFID asset tracking system can effectively integrate asset management activities with the help of the function of wireless remote transmission, since RFID technology is a bridge between physical world and existing IT system. In consequence, it’s very necessary to establish a set of RFID asset tracking system based on RFID technology to realize automatic asset management.

RFID Student Tracking System- Highly Efficient Modern Attendance Management Measure

As we all know, students attendance is one indispensable part of the teaching processes and the modern RFID student tracking system has been the significant measure to implement automatic and fast students tracking management. In retrospect, due to lack of RFID student tracking system, the students’ attendance record are always carried out by the teachers, which not only sucks unnecessary time and energy but also deficiency of the flexibility.

RFID Student Tracking System Manifests the Ultra Strong Role in Student Management

In the wake of more and more attentions on campus safety, RFID student tracking system has gradually emerged blinking into student tracking and been sought after by schools and parents. New era calls for the popularity of new tech, so RFID student tracking system, as one of the most advanced technology tools, is manifesting the ultra strong role in personnel management, attendance, student tracking and positioning control.

RFID File Tracking Solution unveiled by DAILY

DAILY RFID has launched a cost-effective RFID file tracking solution for file inventory management, in response to track the location of files without complicated procedures.

UHF RFID Reader improves visibility in RFID tracking system

More and more enterprises and shops is putting RFID tracking system on the agenda to try to get a better grip on the status and location of critical assets and inventory. DAILY RFID has recently released a High-performance UHF RFID Reader DL910, special for long-range RFID tracking system since it offers long read range up to 15m.

Passive RFID Asset Tracking Solution from DAILY RFID

DAILY RFID has released passive RFID Asset Tracking solution, designed to track and manage mobile and fixed assets through automatic asset tracking. It can automatically keep track of assets as they move in and out of an area, regardless of what type of items, such as document, library books and PCs.

RFID Asset Tracking System streamlines Asset management

As the importance of asset tracking in asset detection and utilization, DAILY RFID released a new RFID asset tracking system to cater for the requirement of asset optimizing management for mobile and fixed assets.

RFID File Tracking System optimizes file inventory management

DAILY RFID, has launched a RFID file tracking system for files inventory management. This RFID file tracking system realizes files real-time tracking and identification without complicated procedures.

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