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Lastest RFID Garment Tags – Durable to Benefit Clothing Management

By using chips sewn into RFID Garment Tags, numerous companies with high volume of garments (especially uniforms), just like hotels or garment rental outlets, have well transferred their distribution lines from clothing production to inventory to retail points. Thinking back the past years, RFID tags have been applied to so many things from event control to asset management, from music festival to animal tracking, etc.

Latest RFID Garment Tags — the Next Generation Solution for Tracking Garment Inventory

In the past years, traditional garment inventory management was a big headache for Clothing Retailers, which lead to time consuming and error prone. Nowadays, the RFID technology produces many fresh RFID Garment Tags­ utilized for garment industries. DAILY RFID, a professional RFID tags and readers manufacturer combining the clothing line with RFID technology, has also released latest RFID Garment Tags. Due to high efficiency, these RFID tags could help RFID clothing system update the inventory quickly and have become the new generation solution for Tracking Garment Inventory.

Button shaped RFID Tag for Garment Retail and Rental Shops

DAILY RFID has released button shaped, washable RFID tag for garment retail and rental shops. With two small holes in the middle, the garment tag is pretty easy and convenient to attach to clothes. And with the sealed RFID chip inside, it is an ideal solution for tracking garments in retail stores and rental services.

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