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RFID Tags for Tools Prove to Be the Real-time Location Equipments for Precision Jewelry Tracking

Following the development of RFID technology, RFID tags for tools have gradually infiltrated into a variety of domains, from logistics industry to jewelry anti-theft, from inventory control to animal tracking. In recent days, a series of RFID tags for tools have been released by DAILY RFID, a leading company who is dedicated to developing and producing RFID tech products. Especially in jewelry tracking field, these RFID tags for tools have proved to be the real-time location equipments for precision tracking through numerous practice.

RFID Traceability Tags Realize Highly Efficient Identification and management in Laundry Industry

RFID traceability tags, operating as the intelligent RFID inlays, have made a big impact on implementing efficient clothing counting and sorting. Integrated RFID laundry system, these RFID traceability tags can receive the information via attaching on the clothing and make the pinpoint record and management. In order to enhance the laundry management, DAILY RFID, as the leading RFID product manufacturer, has released a series of RFID traceability tags for clothing tracking.

Passive RFID High Frequency Tags Fulfill New Level of Invisible Identification in Logistic Management

In the wake of the increasingly popular of RFID technology, passive RFID high frequency tags have great advantages in logistic management. Via attaching the passive RFID high frequency tags to the items, users can implement the logistic monitoring and reduce superfluous loss. DAILY RFID, as the leading RFID products manufacturer, has released a series of passive RFID high frequency tags in order to enhance the management in each link of logistic industry. Operating at 13.56mhz, these passive RFID high frequency tags help users establish real-time tracking system.

RFID Tags for Apparel Achieve Efficiencies Throughout Clothing Supply Chain

In clothing retail stores, the tagging items must be provided by the retailers in order to facilitate the apparel management process, make the supply chain smooth and furnish nice service to customers. Of course, RFID tags for apparel have enjoyed great popularity in apparel retail business. DAILY RFID, the leading RFID products manufacturer, has also released RFID tags for apparel to supply chain for reducing time, labor and improve the accuracy of inventory management.

RFID Tags for Apparel – Widely Used in the Garment Industry with Flying Colors

In the area of textile and apparel industry, the effective use of RFID apparel tags has been the key portion that enterprises maintain a competitive edge in markets. Obviously, the supply chain in clothing industry has nowadays become so intricate that apparel companies urgently need the bran-new management tools (just like RFID tags for apparel) to address the puzzles existing in data exchange and info transfer.

New RFID Sticker Tags with leading-edge RFID Technology are Pretty Suitable for RFID Applications

In this society with rapid growth of RFID technology, the RFID tags like intelligent RFID sticker tags have more evident advantages than bar codes and have played significant role in automatic logistics control, inventory management, parking management, etc. And high performance RFID sticker tags can fulfill the demands of modern RFID areas and boost RFID users gain the benefits. As the specialized RFID products, RFID sticker tags have also been released by DAILY RFID, the leading company who is committed to manufacturing RFID products.

RFID sticker Tags Assist in Making Asset tracking and Management Better

As one part of RFID system in asset tracking management, RFID sticker tags have played an indispensible and significant role. With the rapid advancement of society, asset management has become more and more important in the business administration, so using high-tech tools (just like RFID sticker tags) to manage assets has aroused wide concern. Recently, DAILY RFID, a leading professional RFID products manufacturer, has newly released a series of RFID sticker tags that are specially planned for enterprise asset tracking, in order to make asset tracking and management better.

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