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'Content in media does not matter at all' Marshall Mcluhan (part 1)

Marshall Mcluhan says 'Content and the message doesn't matter at all'

if war, conflict and natural disaster are used to keep the masses quite through a state of helplessness as was suggested

then how can content not be important
as its is the message that determines our feeling of helplessness

Blogging to decrease - Can we take advantage of it

It has been interesting to see how computers and associated technologies are used by the multitude. Like most things the wax and wain in popularity. According to electric news.net blogging is set to peak next year. It has been seen that blogging is set to reach its nadir next year and will then level out at around 100m active bloggers.

In November, blog tracker Technorati revealed that 100,000 new online journals, are being created every day, with 1.3m posts blogged daily. However, It is predicted that the blogging boom may be close to ending as over 200m individuals have already given up on the activity.

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