125khz tag

Low-cost, waterproof LF 125KHz Tag for Asset Management

DAILY RFID has recently released series of LF 125KHz tag in disc shape. Laminated with PVC material, it is designed to be integrated into many RFID asset management applications, such as library management and logistics.

Each RFID 125KHz tag has a unique ID code to track the tagged asset. And with a mini size, the small footprints can be easily integrated into many RFID projects. Therefore, it has the ability to simplify the recording of changes to the location and condition of an asset.

DAILY launches 125KHz RFID Tag product including the latest Disc tags

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading producer of RFID tags and RFID readers, has announced a new kind of 125KHz RFID Disc tag which gets a user-friendly upgrade recently. It is designed in adhesive form and can be easily integrated into many projects with low cost.

DAILY shows off RFID Keychain with low wholesale price

DAILY RFID has released RFID Keychain series with personalized design for security access control applications, such as in hospitals and government offices. So far the RFID key tag-02 is wholesaled at around US$ 0.17 per piece.

customizable RFID 125KHz tag for industrial application

DAILY RFID has recently announced rugged RFID 125KHz tag, which can be easily integrated into many RFID projects. The 125KHz tag is specially designed for industrial applications especially in harsh environments.

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