13.56MHz rfid reader

RFID 13.56MHz Long Range Reader of DAILY is Specially Designed for Inventory Management

Recently, the RFID 13.56MHz long range reader has been released by DAILY RFID who is one of the lager professional RFID product developers and manufacturers in the world. With the rapid development of RFID technology, this kind of reader has played an important role in the access control system, which can be used in a widely variety of commercial applications.

13.56MHz RFID Scanners Make the Warehouse Management of Grain Reserve Safe and Efficient

With the rapid advancement of RFID tech, 13.56MHz RFID scanners become more and more mature and stable. And more importantly, in virtue of the high quality and excellent performance, 13.56MHz RFID scanners yield unusually brilliant results in the field of warehouse management of grain reserve. Odd-come-shortly, DAILY RFID, a leading company whose mission is to develop and manufacture technical RFID products, has released a series of 13.56MHz RFID scanners according to the actual situation and requirements of grain reserve warehouse control.

New Generation 13.56 MHz USB Reader Controls Each Link of Logistic Management

For the development of global economic integration, the purchasing, storage, sales and distribution of an enterprise have been increasingly complex, and new generation 13.56 MHz USB readers have just facilitated the each link of supply chain management and immensely affected the logistic management of the enterprises. As the RFID technology products, 13.56 MHz USB readers can implement actual operation and reduce waste. DAILY RFID, the leading RFID products manufacturer, has released a series of 13.56 MHz USB readers in order to give efficiency and benefits to more enterprises.

13.56MHz RFID Gate Reader for time and attendance

DAILY RFID has released a latest 13.56MHz RFID gate reader DL8220 for time and attendance. Supporting ISO/IEC 15693 protocol tags such as TI and PHILIPS, this RFID gate can provide users with hands-free, walk-through access for badge identification. Therefore, using of the RFID gate can address the problems of long queues and gather the data in time and attendance applications.

HF PDA SD interface RFID Reader for every pocket

DAILY RFID has released 13.56MHz PDA SD interface RFID Reader for devices with SD card slot, including laptop, PDA and smartphone. By inserting into SD Card slot, it makes PDAs instantly transformed into cost-effective RFID readers without any internal hardware change.

13.56MHz(HF) RFID handheld reader based on PDA design

DAILY RFID has recently unveiled 13.56MHz RFID Handheld reader DL8033 designed for industrial and outdoor environments. This PDA based, RFID Handheld reader brings a computer environment to cater for the requirement of RFID mobile solutions, with a low price at 810USD this month.

RR9036 HF RFID Reader(HF Reader-02) - from DAILY RFID

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading producer of RFID readers and RFID tags, has recently launched RR9036 HF RFID reader(HF Reader-02) designed as a plug-and-play device for industrial and outdoor environments especially in process of writing data, with a low price at 58USD.

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