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Smart Livestock RFID ear tags for Livestock Management

In respond to prevent the livestock from losing and getting diseases, DAILY RFID has come out a smart animal ear RFID tag-02 for livestock management. This kind of RFID tag is a superior and more efficient way for the ranchers to collect data and keep track of the livestock, such as cattle, pigs, sheep, etc.

For tracking livestock, each RFID tag has a unique ID. Thus, with these RFID tags attach to the ears of every animals, ranchers can easily get control of the livestock’s information, including date of birth, breeding, inoculations and disease condition, etc.

Animals Tracking Using Hygienic RFID Animal Tags

DAILY RFID has released series of RFID Animal Tags for animals tracking and livestock management. Constructed from polyurethane, the RFID animal tags are especially designed for animal lifecycle tracking, like cattle, pigs and sheep.

Animals tracking become easier by using DAILY’s RFID animal tags, for RFID technology increases the accuracy and efficiency of recording every tagged animal's information. The RFID animal tag ensures fully automated livestock management in processes such as disease management, feeding, breeding practices and immunity.

The Hygienic RFID Ear Tag for Animal Tracking

DAILY RFID has recently unveiled RFID ear tag operating in either 125KHz or 134KHz frequency. It is worn as a hygienic ear tag and suitable for animal tracking and livestock management.

The hygienic RFID ear tag is constructed from polyurethane, which material is used in healthcare and not easy for bacteria to grow. Therefore, these RFID ear tags can minimizes any chance of animal infection while deploying the RFID livestock tracking program.

The latest RFID Animal Tag reduces the Chance of Animal Infection

According to the USDA’s RFID Animal-Tracking Project Report, the correct rfid animal tag application is important, not only for tag retention but also to prevent infection. Thus, DAILY RFID has recently unveiled a series of hygienic RFID Animal Ear Tags to reduce the chance of infection.

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