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Smart RFID HF Label for Asset Tracking

DAILY RFID has come out with 13.56 MHz HF Smart Label-11 for asset tracking management, especially for marking luggage or other valuables at the station and airport. The smart HF RFID Labels can be used in a wide range of asset tracking applications, such as document tracking, library management, parcel tracking, etc.

Cost-effective RFID HF Label for Asset Management

DAILY RFID has released the square HF Label with a guaranteed 10-year data lifespan to store information. It is a cost-effective selection for asset tracking applications that require the system to manage asset with RFID labels.

The superior performance 13.56MHz RFID label can produce a robust and cost-effective RFID solution in the asset management process. With the I-Code 2 (ISO 15693) inlay inside, the HF RFID label can track the objects equipped with the adhesive label easily. Besides, it can be rewritten over 100,000 times to store more information.

integrated HF Label is suited for RFID Library Management

HF Label is widely used in RFID Library Management System due to its high identification rate and high accuracy. In order to aid the process, DAILY RFID has come up with high-performance, low-cost HF label for RFID library management in libraries.

HF RFID Labels: a smart choice for RFID Library Management

Compared with UHF, HF Library System is currently the most mature and popular solution for Library due to its high identification rate and less influence by environment. And DAILY RFID has recently unveils high-performance, low-cost HF labels for library management.

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