LF Reader module

Mini 125KHz RFID Module designs to embed into any device

DAILY RFID has released mini 125KHz RFID Module designed to embed into any device. It is a high performance, cost-effective reader module designed to enable almost any device to transform into RFID reader. And it has an affordable price under 29 USD per unit.

The RFID module is ideal for RFID embedded applications with low power consumption. With a feature USB interface, the LF Reader module is designed for integrators to install into printers, terminals and handheld devices for power supply and data communication.

RFID Reader Module with USB interface

DAILY RFID recently released the 125KHz low frequency RFID Reader Module,which is compatible with 125KHz frequency chips just like EM4001,TK4100 and so on.With a very good performance,this kind of RFID reader module provides a very low cost with only about 28USD.

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