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Top-of-the-line RFID livestock tags from China Expedite Animal Tracking and Identification

In retrospect, animal disease outbreak was a big worry due to the deficiency of mature RFID technology and advanced products. As luck would have it, new generation RFID livestock tags with professional RFID technology and unique design have improved a new level of animal identification, which prevents animal diseases and help users set up a secure and highly efficient animal management system. DAILY RFID, as the leading RFID products manufacturer in China, has also released a series of RFID livestock tags.

New-style Livestock RFID Tags—the Crucial and Cost-effective Tools to Animal Identification Management

Looking into the past, the poor livestock management lacking of RFID technology was a headache, which often lead to the event of disease outbreak. Nowadays, the new-style Livestock RFID Tags have made a big breakthrough and become the crucial and tools to animal identification management by allowing ranches to trace animals. To be more excited, DAILY RFID, the leading company who is dedicated to manufacturing RFID products, has also released latest Livestock RFID Tags in order to help cattlemen to set up RFID cattle identification program for cost-effective animal management.

DAILY’s Livestock RFID Tags Strengthen Poultry Management and Escort Food Security

Have you ever known the Livestock RFID Tags? Even if you’ve never heard, you must be concerned with the food security issues. Recalling the past, food security problems especially meat safety problems emerged in an endless stream. What was worse, various infectious diseases began variants and were transmitted slowly from animals to human. And the concealment of infectious diseases and the complexity of human food chain made it difficult to be on guard. As a result, people have to quickly find a safe and efficient way to solve the above problems.

Livestock Tracking Using Hygienic Livestock RFID Tags

DAILY RFID has released its new livestock RFID tag-02, which is especially designed for livestock lifecycle tracking, like castles, pigs and sheep. The RFID livestock ear tag ensures fully automated cattle management in processes such as disease management, feeding, breeding practices and immunity.

By using advanced RFID technology, the livestock RFID ear tag increases the management accuracy, as each animal has a unique identification number. While integrated it into the RFID Livestock System, the tagged cattle’s information can be collected and tracked in real time.

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