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Long Range Passive RFID Tag has Been Widely Used in Many Applications

Recently, DAILY RFID has released a series of fire-new long range passive RFID tag based on a standard RFID technology that can be RFID-enabled to work with any RFID system in the warehouse control and access control, which is a leading RFID company who is committed to manufacturing RFID products. With the advanced RFID technology, the long range passive RFID tag has been widely used in many applications, such as tourism and logistics.

Long Range RFID Asset Tags can Realize the Businesslike Asset Management in Campus

Applying long range RFID asset tags into the fixed asset control of campus can carry out the modern, efficient and guaranteed scientific management. Evidently, traditional management means, lacking in long range RFID asset tags, always ignore some detailed problems, such as asymmetric information between book value and physical value. As the leading company who is dedicated to producing RFID products, DAILY RFID has newly released a series of long range RFID asset tags in order to reach the businesslike management.

Long Range RFID Tags Assist in Realizing Seamless Management in Different Industries

Have you ever heard the Long Range RFID Tags? From reading distance perspective, RFID Tags roughly contain two categories: one is short range RFID tags within the frequency of 13.56MHz, and the other is Long Range RFID Tags with the common frequency of 840MHz~960MHz. When identifying the mobile objects at close range, such as moving vehicles or baggage on the conveyor belt, people must make the objects stop, which means the reduction of working efficiency. However, as luck would have it, Long Range RFID Tags can address above problems.

Metal mount RFID Tags for metallic tracking conditions

DAILY RFID has released mini UHF metal mount RFID tags which can be customized across all UHF RFID frequency bands from 860MHz to 960MHz. With its unique construction design, the UHF RFID tag can operate normally when mounted on metal surfaces or around metallic environment.

UHF Long Range RFID Tag for Industrial Applications

DAILY RFID has released UHF long range RFID tag -05 to meet the demands of a wide range of applications for industrial environment. The UHF tag is specifically designed to use on any metal surface and can be read within long distance up to 3 m.

The mini long range RFID tag is available in ISO18000-6C (EPC Gen2) or ISO 18000-6B industrial standard version. It can offer long range up to 3.5 meters. And the most advantages of our UHF tags are small size, long reading distance and low price on metal surface.

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