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Medical RFID Tag has Become an Important Tool of Patient Identification and Tracking

At present, DAILY RFID has come up with a series of smart medical RFID tag with high quality and excellent performance to meet the needs of current and future hospital development. As a professional company, DAILY RFID is focus on developing and manufacturing high-quality and cost-benefit RFID tag which is commonly applied in all walks of life, especially in hospital.

The Cost-benefit Disposable RFID Tag Plays a Significant Role in Asset Safety and Management Fields

Recently, a series of cost-benefit disposable RFID tag has newly been launched by DAILY RFID which has started to be applied into asset safety and management fields gradually. As a leading professional RFID products manufacturer, DAILY devotes itself to designing and developing intelligent RFID technology products.

Disposable RFID Bracelet for Children Loss Prevention in Parks

DAILY RFID has recently released disposable RFID bracelet-27 specially designed for children loss prevention in public where children like to go, such as parks and zoos. Made with a one-off bottom, this RFID bracelet is broken for sanitary and privacy once it is taken off.

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