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Passive RFID on Metal Tags Lead the Logistics Industry Along to Enter a New Epoch

In pace with the rapid growth of RFID tech and logistics industry, passive RFID tags on metal, of late years, have diffusely been put into use among each link of logistic management with flying colors. Since passive RFID tags on metal have the ability to sweep away the obstacles in traditional logistics, just like time-consuming and labor-intensive inventory-taking, they have been commended and appreciated by logistic businessmen.

Passive RFID Tags Used on Metal Ensure the Rigorous and Automatic Items Tracking

In current RFID applications, especially in warehouse management and the logistics have been the typical case of using RFID tech products, the passive RFID tags used on metal

Passive RFID Tags Cut a Fine Figure in Items Tracking and Clothing Management

Passive RFID Tags are one kind of RFID tags that do not certain battery, but rely on the electromagnetic energy sent by RFID readers to work. In virtue of the simple structure and economical and practical features, Passive RFID Tags obtain the extensive applications in various RFID fields. Recently, as the leading professional RFID technology products manufacturer, DAILY RFID has also released a series of Passive RFID Tags in order to cater for the huge market demand and to assist in raising the efficiency of items tracking and clothing management.

DAILY’s Passive RFID Tags-High Performance Impel High Efficiency to Various RFID Products Tracking

Back to the past, low-tech Passive RFID Tags always brought inconvenience to the RFID products tracking containing metal or liquid, which greatly effected the development of industry and economy. Currently, DAILY RFID, as one of the most professional Passive RFID Tags manufacturers in the world, has released new generation and cost-effective Passive RFID Tags. With high performance, special design and flexible read range, Passive RFID Tags impel the high efficiency to various products tracking applications.

Low Cost Passive UHF RFID Tags Deliver Unique Benefits to the Most Challenging Asset Tracking Applications

With the development of RFID technology, Passive UHF RFID Tag has sprung up everywhere at an incredible rate and has effected greatly on the most challenging asset tracking and management applications with the powerful and invisible force. Compared with bygone passive RFID tags, new generation Passive UHF RFID Tags have more excellent performance, special design and longer read range, which represent a big breakthrough in asset tracking for hazardous areas. And DAILY RFID, the leading RFID products manufacturer, has also released a series of Passive UHF RFID Tags.

Reusable UHF Passive RFID Tag for on metal usage

DAILY RFID has newly released a reusable UHF Passive RFID Tag with a long read range of up to 5 meters. With a small hole on both sides for fastening, the UHF Metal tag is designed to track on the metal products or around metal environment.

DAILY's customized Passive RFID Tag with long lifespan

Want to find customized passive RFID tag with long lifespan? DAILY RFID can customize passive RFID tags with superior performance on a variety of surfaces. With superior printing and encapsulation technology, the durable tags can provide a useful life of ten years or more to keep the investment low.

With minimum size at dia. 9mm, DAILY's passive RFID tag can be made small enough for encapsulation into the applications in consumer goods and other areas. Compare with the active tag, the passive RFID tag is much smaller in size, since it functions without a battery.

Mini Long-range Passive RFID Tag for unleashed pets

DAILY RFID has released Long Range Passive RFID Tag with a maximum read range of up to 3.5 meters. With a mini card size and a hole on the tag, the UHF RFID tag is originally designed for unleashed pets management, such as puppies, kittens etc.

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