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Reusable UHF Passive RFID Tag for on metal usage

DAILY RFID has newly released a reusable UHF Passive RFID Tag with a long read range of up to 5 meters. With a small hole on both sides for fastening, the UHF Metal tag is designed to track on the metal products or around metal environment.

Durable Passive UHF RFID Tag for Harsh environment

DAILY RFID has recently released passive UHF RFID tags for tracing under harsh environment, such as in warehouse, IT assets and transport containers. With its high durability and special design, the UHF passive tag can operate properly under harsh environment, such as metallic and moisture conditions.

RFID On-Metal Tags for around metal and humid environments

DAILY RFID has announced the availability of the RFID on-metal tags series, which are widely used on metal surface and humid environments. With special design, they are especially designed for implementation in various fields, such as railway, metal container, truck, and other equipments.

Buy Passive RFID Tag Online

Buy passive RFID tag online is easy with DAILY RFID online shop. DAILY RFID, the latest and largest RFID online shop, has release its new Passive RFID tag. The Passive RFID tag can be used in almost unlimited applications.

The new passive RFID tag, delivered by DAILY RFID, is based on UHF passive RFID technology. It operates at 860 to 960MHz and compiles with ISO18000-6B and ISO18000-6C standards. Besides, with a guaranteed lifespan of more than ten years, it can be rewritten 100,000 times.

Passive UHF RFID Tag designed for use on any Surface

DAILY RFID has recently announced Passive UHF RFID Tag for improving overall productivity. It can easily be affixed to any surface applications (including directly on metal), while keeping a highly accurate tracking performance.

The UHF RFID tags are made of special material to allow it to operate normally in harsh environments, such as metallic surface, moist environment. Operating in the frequency range from 860MHz to 960MHz, the compact passive UHF RFID tag could be a good selection for industries that required RFID tags to track products even in harsh conditions.

Passive RFID On-Metal Tag Series for on metal Tagging

DAILY RFID has launched passive RFID On-Metal Tag Series, a kind of adhesive RFID on-metal Tags. The RFID tags are designed for close quarters checking, with high performance for on-metal tagging.

Operating at 125 KHz or 13.56 MHz, the RFID metal tags could be a good selection for industries that require tags to track products containing metal or directly on metal. And it can be easily affixed to any metal surface with its self-adhesive 3M Glue.

Ring-shaped RFID tag for gas cylinder tracking unveiled

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading manufacturer of RFID tags, has unveiled ring-shaped passive RFID Tag, specially designed for identifying gas cylinders either individually, in whole shipments, on the back of trucks or in pallets.

Mini RFID Tag for metal surface - size dia. 9mm

DAILY RFID has unveiled mini RFID Metal Tag-08(measured in dia. 9 mm) for use in applications which require tags to be applied directly to metallic surfaces. This adhesive RFID metal tag is suitable for tagging on metal surface with good accuracy even under the harsh environment.

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